Metatron Assesment and THERAPY
Metatron Assesment and THERAPY

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A Brief Introduction

A Rapid Assessment of the Body’s Organ/Gland,
 Tissue and Interference Fields for a Rapid
Return to Optimal Health Status


What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate?  What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years?  Today many physicians and practitioners of the healing arts believe the secret of regeneration and healing lies not with costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments but by tapping into and feeding the healing energy found in every person.

More than ever, it is now possible to release the body’s inherently powerful, biological healing energy that is capable of rapid renewal and regeneration in our bodies.   The Metatron is a powerful tool that we use to define and eliminate stressors that have deactivated the body’s own potent, internal healing systems for rejuvenation, endurance, vitality and longevity.  Modern medical therapies frequently underestimate the body’s magnificent internal intelligence and often end up blocking its capabilities for self-healing and repair.

Often the reason for this is that medical practice and medical research today is essentially focused on biochemistry and pharmaceutical drugs that affect our biochemistry, while the “physics” of the disease is mostly ignored.  It is not that we should ignore biochemistry; just recognize its limitations and its actual subservience to the physics of the cell.

Science, but especially medicine, has
essentially restricted itself to facts that can be counted, measured or weighed via standard, acceptable ways.  This is useful and needs to be done but cellular physics teaches us that healing takes place on an energetic and informational plane that enables the material or biochemical change.

In the 1920s the Russian born engineer, George Lakhovsky, postulated that the “twisted filaments” in the cells, which we now know as DNA, are in fact miniature, oscillating circuits.  He observed that all living beings are uniquely characterized by the frequencies of radiation they emit.  Further, he found that our cells could either receive or transmit specific frequencies.  Recently, the work of noted German biophysicist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, found that each of our cells has a very unique crystal-like membrane structure that will resonate to different light energies or frequencies. This semi-crystalline outer membrane structure of our cells means that every one of our trillion plus cells has an ideal resonant frequency (like the crystal glass that rings it own special note when stuck) producing a biofield that is unique to the different organ systems of each person’s body and enables the Metatron to precisely identify the hierarchy of what is taking place in your body.  So it should be understood then, that a healthy cell radiates coherent light, while an unhealthy cell radiates chaotic light frequencies and is a carrier of the identity of the problems affecting that cell.
The Metatron and its software is a sophisticated biofeedback instrument that quickly unveils the core issues in organ and gland deficiency, unresponsiveness of the immune system and toxic contaminates that distort and disturb our biofield.  When this biofield becomes disturbed, the ability of our cells to communicate is compromised and disease is inevitable.

Think about this for a moment.  From the point of view of physics all disease is caused by pathological frequencies in our body coupled with inadequate nutritional biophotons (light energy) necessary to give order to the chaotic patterns found in disease.  Keep in mind that every inoculation, perfume, hand lotion, food – in fact every breath we take, will change our frequency spectrum, for better or worse.  If worse, they are toxins that emit light-scrambling frequencies, producing disorder within the DNA signaling system as well as generating oxidative stress, thus consuming precious antioxidants.

According to Dr. Popp, individuals with serious illness lack biophotons and are chaotic emission producers.  Thus the foods and supplements we eat will either enhance and intensify or deplete and confuse our biophotonic healing energies.  So not only do we do well to pay close attention to what we eat but everything we apply to our skin – it does become a part of us.  Just consider that the average individual is a carrier of 500 different chemicals, insecticides and heavy metals.  The result is that sickness is the manifestation of a pattern of disharmonic resonance from multiple sources that disrupt the body’s delicate but very complicated and intertwined communication network. (See Table 1)

Some time ago Biologist, Enza Ciccob stated:  “Everyday we measure the frequencies, the oscillations that enliven living organisms.  Every atom, every molecule, every substance has its own oscillation that corresponds to that of a sound or color.  These sounds, colors and vibrations together determine the harmony of health or the disharmony of an illness.”  The disharmonious frequencies of the toxic metals, cadmium, mercury, lead, beryllium and antimony are suggested to be involved in at least 50% of the deaths and much of the disabling diseases in the US. (Schroeder, The Poisons Around Us, Keats)


We use the Metatron for two reasons.  The first is to determine what support the body and its specific organs and tissues wants and needs for its own healing, repair and rejuvenating purposes.  And secondly, we want to determine what is interfering with that process.  In other words we want to know if any toxins, chronic infections or interference fields exist and what specifically the body requires to help release them as a blocking agent or interference field.

The Metatron makes use of the very sophisticated biofeedback communication system of our body and provides an accurate tool for assessing the individualized pattern of functional disorders, thereby helping the practitioner identify and eliminate the hidden inducers and promoters of illness.

If a tissue or organ is healthy, the level of noise or incoherence in the system is close to zero.  On the computer screen this shows up in a very close relationship between the input signal and the output signal.  However if that organ is not healthy, a serious gap will be observed between these same signals.  This is called signal dissociation and the greater the dissociation, the greater the level of noise or incoherence in the tissue and the greater the likely dysfunction of that organ.

But when the correct living nutrition, enhanced with bio photons, is applied to the bio field of the body or when the appropriate frequencies of Meta-therapy from the Metatron are supplied, the body uses this support to move the functional status of the organs to an optimal and healthy state.
The effect here is similar to one note on a piano played in harmonic resonance with another note – good music results.  Likewise, the kidney (or any organ/tissue) has a specific frequency.  When herbal or nutrient frequencies match it correctly or when a frequency from the Metatron matches it, resonance takes place.  If resonance does not take place then there will be a compromise in its supportive capacity.  Thus a good or successful remedy or therapy is one in which the modality goes into resonance with your own oscillations – either enhancing the healthy ones or diminishing the pathological ones.

In reality, the reason an herb like milk thistle is helpful for the liver is not because its nutrient supplies match those of the liver, but because its own frequencies or resonance, match those of the liver.  And we use it for the liver because it matches those of the liver better than the kidney or stomach or really any other organ.  But consider that if that same milk thistle is contaminated with pesticides or other chemicals – its resonance is now off and only partially matches the liver.

Please realize then, that two foods that look similar or two herbal/nutritional supplements that have similar ingredients may have an entirely different resonance pattern and not have the same effect at all on an individual.    Remember physics trumps chemistry because it drives the biochemistry of the body and here in a practical way is a good example.  Studies by Dr. Fritz Popp and Bernard Ruth, found that photon counts (those life-giving emissions from the sun) from tomatoes, showed decreasing photon emission the longer they were stored.  In addition, photons given off by eggs from captive hens were lower than from eggs obtained from free-range chickens.  And vegetables contaminated with heavy metals also showed a decreased photon emission compared to those not contaminated.
You can see why then that Dr. Paul Yanick writes:  “Biochemistry alone does not hold all the answers to piecing together the puzzle of chronic and multifaceted illness.  The cells that compose our organ structures are nourished not only by oxygen, glucose and other nutrients but also by streams of energy containing specific resonant frequencies that cause enzymes to function and give life to the organism.”  The troubling fact is that the more adulterated our food and supplements, the greater the effect on the resonant frequency of the cells and the less able to adequately nourish the body and make it “sing”.

Toxins are commonly thought to act by slowly but relentlessly sedating an organ or tissue, apparently by producing chaotic frequencies.  This “background noise” impairs normal cell coherence.  And when cell coherence is impaired, light energy or biophotons from the DNA, necessary for cellular communication and healing is significantly compromised.  This results in an ever-escalating demand for more nutrition, but unfortunately, an ever-diminishing, beneficial return for the nutrients provided.

Try to understand how it might affect us this way.  Imagine your body when healthy as an orchestra performing a beautiful symphony.  We could think of the liver as, say, the violins; or the intestine we might call the percussion.  The lungs could be the wind instruments; perhaps the brain is the conductor and the heart and kidneys some other instrument.  So you have the picture.  When all our instruments are playing correctly and cooperatively, beautiful music (or good health) takes place. But if the bass section or the strings are missing notes or playing wrong notes, we don’t hear quality music.  In the same way, when the large intestine or the stomach or any organ is upset or dysfunctional, we hear dissonance in this body orchestra.  This dissonance is somewhere between lessened health to disease. Either way the “conductor” is not as happy as he’d like to be.

Now try to imagine the New York
Philharmonic performing a masterful performance, but while doing so, some child is playing “chopsticks” on the stage piano.  This would be our equivalent of an interference field or toxin.  And for most of us the body orchestra keeps playing but we don’t enjoy the music (our health).

What coordinates our body orchestra and indeed all our body processes, are biophotons.  But when the connective tissues and vital organs lack adequate water or get loaded with toxins, especially in the face of nutrient deprivation, adequate availability and proper flow of photon emission is impaired.  This results in incorrect information transmission and effects the immune, endocrine, circulatory and in reality every system of the body, promoting dysfunction and disease.

So in reality we are human photocells and our ultimate nutrient is sunlight.  This is where the stored light energy in food becomes absolutely critical.  Naturally grown, organic fresh vegetables and fruits ripened on the tree and vine by the sun are super-saturated in light energy.  Through the miracle of photosynthesis, the sun’s light frequencies or photons are bio-transformed and stored in green plants, trees, grasses and medicinal herbs.  When consumed they release nutrients and multiple light (bio-photon) frequencies into our bodies.  The stored sun energy, or photons, in these types of foods, finds their way into your body cells and ultimately into the DNA. And like miniature tuning forks they give order and coordination to all body processes.

It becomes rather obvious then, that the quality of food is a critical factor in determining our health… the more photon–rich a food, the better its quality.  Most Americans today consume food almost devoid of this healing, light energy.  This is perhaps why Nobel Prize Laureate, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi once said, “We live by a small trickle of light energy from the sun.”

Not surprisingly then, the greater your store
of light energy from these foods and nutrients, the better overall biofield exists and consequently the more energy is available for healing and health maintenance.  This manifests itself as a feeling of vitality and well-being.  But as noted earlier, even when consuming very high quality food, the more we apply cooking, microwaving or irradiation to the food, the less photons they are able to provide to our bodies.

Scientific discovery has determined that the vast majority of nutritional supplements available today do not contain photon energy.  Most are synthetically derived nutrients and in nearly every case contain stress-inducing toxins found as excipients and fillers in the capsules or tablets.  Synthetic supplements may have the chemistry correct but not the physics.  They may seem to do the job in the “short run” and even induce energy improvement.  But over time Dr. Popp has determined that they will actually deplete our own quantum (light) energy and result in DNA deterioration and body ageing. This makes sense, since they are not adding to the store of light energy, but must make use of the ones we have to accomplish their job.

When you use these highly resonant foods and nutriceutical agents they are able to empower the awesome healing power of your body – allowing it to become the self-healing, self-regenerating system it was originally designed to be.

When you are given a Metatron evaluation, we are really assessing the functional aspects of energy and information in your biofield – which can change more rapidly than the material, such as damaged tissue.  The result is that the body’s specific needs in the healing process will change and re-evaluation will be necessary to keep up with the changing demands of the body.  And do keep in mind that because of the unique factors involved in the causation of ill health, different individuals with the same or similar symptoms may have dissimilar initiators of their problems and require very different biological, nutritional and resonate support.

Traditional medicine and much of alternative medicine and nutrition uses clinical trials and epidemiological data to determine drug or nutrient recommendations.  This has its place for general recommendations, but when it comes to specific individuals we are all too well aware that 100,000 individuals die each year from appropriately prescribed drugs.  And many have found their nutritional supplements that helped their friend, of little help to them…how much better to be very specific about what each individual body wants and needs with the help of the Metatron.

Because each person is unique and has his or her own particular imbalances, it becomes impossible to have a single clinical protocol that effectively addresses the unique needs of all patients.  And many of the general recommendations given are far too simplistic, very often failing to address the toxic load and the troubling interference fields of the individual.  Instead, the Metatron uses a unique, multi-leveled assessment technique that unmasks the core issues in organ/gland deficiency and immune system unresponsiveness.  It provides proven, therapeutic answers that facilitates the body’s complete healing at the root cause of the illness, including the energy patterns of xenobiotics, xenoestrogens, mycotoxins, toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

The Metatron captures the bioelectric activity of the brain neurocytes and then amplifies and decodes those signals to retrieve the information they provide.  This information is displayed on the computer screen over a virtual model of the organ or tissue being evaluated.

This display is highly valuable in that it presents the organ’s health in a color-coded format, varying from light yellow (healthier) through orange to red and purple and almost black, where organ stress is maximal and the health of the organ is highly suspect

The software of the Metatron is programmed with a considerable amount of information on highly stressful disturbances affecting your body, disturbance that some would call pathologic.  When these disturbances are matched against the oscillations from the organs and cells of the individual being tested, a wealth of information is available that can suggest what those unhealthy disturbances might cause if not corrected.

When tissues and cells produce chaotic frequencies, you can be sure that the biochemistry of the organs involved will be impaired.  So, at the most fundamental level, healing must restore coherence to the body’s resonant frequencies.  If this does not take place, health improvement is minimal at best or does not occur at all.

All individuals harbor toxins of all types, some in very excessive amounts, including, viruses, fungi, toxic metals, chemicals and parasites.  When a corrective program is put in place, the body is focused to begin the process of unburdening itself from these stressors that prevent optimal health.   Your body always wants to heal and in principle your body can heal anything.  But guided support from the Metatron, along with a proper food and supplement selection, adequate rest and appropriate exercise, can be a major step toward a healthier you.

But here it is very important to understand that the Metatron itself does not heal anything.  However, it does nurture your body toward its own innate self-healing capacity.  So when the Meta-therapy is used, specific frequencies are added to help the body speed up the process, but it is still your own body that produces any healing effect. As your body becomes focused on the problem stressors, it will effect their excretion out of the body.  But usually our health issues are in energetic layers that require additional promptings of the Meta-therapy on a subsequent visit.

All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain. We are using special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it (which are tuned to the same frequency).  Furthermore, we use special software in order to obtain the data, to decode it and to display on the screen in the form of three-dimensional
models of organs, tissues and cells. We use a special marker system to highlight their actual conditions -normal or abnormal (in total we have 6 evaluation criteria).

This method of assessment is reliable, reproducible, clinically effective and scientifically valid, as it is based on the scientific principles of known facts of human physiology, quantum cellular physics and human bio resonance.  Enjoy your visit and prepare to be amazed…


Table 1

Whole Body Toxic Bioaccumulation

Dioxin (OCDD)
Dioxin (HxCDD)
% Observed
Examples of Sources
Disposable cups, paper plates, carpet
Gasoline, KY jelly, solvent-extracted
bleached paper- toilet paper, paper
products, auto exhaust, herbicides, fish
Herbicides in food, wood treatments

Studies from National Human Adipose Tissue Survey – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-1986

Metatron Assesment and THERAPY

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