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Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

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“Dr. Trubey was unlike any doctor I have ever seen before. He wanted to know everything about my health history and didn’t jump to conclusions as many doctors do. He didn’t discredit my “Google” diagnosis but presented a much more realistic diagnosis and still gave credit to the research i had done. He is one of a kind. A gift from God. He far exceeded my expectations!”

From R.M. Texas



“My experience with Dr. Trubey and the hCG program has been nothing shy of life changing for me! Before starting the program I had gained a considerable amount of weight over the previous 5 years in addition to chronic and constant heartburn and digestive discomfort, chronic fatigue, muscle aches and pain, lack of focus and a general sense of discomfort. After 6 weeks on the program I have lost 25 pounds and 24 inches. I have had no heartburn and I wake up in the morning feeling like I slept – a feeling that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. I am going to to continue the program to reach my optimum weight goal because I love how I am feeling. I have gained self-control and the reality that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to! I would highly recommend the hCG program if you are ready to change your life on every level.”




“The supplements are helping me. (my husband) says they might could be marketed as beauty treatments! He can tell a difference in me. I can recognize several changes. I can handle details better and that is wonderful. Thank you for being there for all of us who want to walk in the health God wants for us.”




“Dr. Trubey is always very thorough and available to answers questions in a timely manner — excellent patient centered, holistic care.”

Patient in Texas



“I’m satisfied with the quality of my visit with Dr. Trubey. He provided attentive care and some detailed and useful information and advice. I’m definitely interested in continuing to see him for further care.”

J.F. Texas




He will spend as much time as needed to come to a proper diagnosis & explain all the options for treatment.Thank’s, see you next time.”





“Environment, wait time, Quality, customer service… I love Dr. Trubey”




“Felt like I was talking to an old friend who was really concerned about my health. Been looking for a Dr. like this forever. Nice to find out what is causing my problem & not just give me a pill to change the numbers on the lab’s. Thanks much, looking forward to our relationship in this medical quest to find the root causes & get on with life. THANKS”




“Be able to sit down and speak with a trained doctor and not being rushed was invaluable. Genuine care !”

L.C. Arlington, Texas



“What a blessing you have been on my journey to get my health back on track!”

C. M Joshua, Texas



” I am forever grateful for the help you had given me during my time of illness! You literally help me get my life back. Again, thank you!”

A.A. Texas



“I learned more in 3 hours from you (dealing with diabetes) than I have working with my primary care physicians during the last 5 months”

C.A. Texas