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OligoScan Assessment

OligoScan Assessment

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OligoScan – Finally the test you have been waiting for

Toxic Metals?  You likely have them… It’s true!
Essential Minerals?  You are likely deficient…again, I’m not kidding!

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Do you want to know for sure?  Of course you do, so read on for a quick and simple solution to knowing if you do and which ones are excessive and which ones are deficient.

You take supplements and you hope you are getting enough of the essential minerals.  But how do you know for sure?  Or perhaps you’re one who feels that you are consuming a healthy diet and you really don’t need to add any supplements to your diet.  But how do you know for sure?

Most individuals would like to know if they are fully benefiting from the food and supplements they consume.  And you should want to know.  Here is one good reason:  “Alongside dermatology and psychological disorders, nutritional disorders are among the most common problems encountered by clinicians.  It has been estimated that over 70% of patients are at high risk of having or developing a nutritional deficiency…contributing to their illness” (Kotsirilos V. et al, A Guide to Evidenced Based Integrative and Complimentary Medicine.  Sydney: Churchill Livingstone; 2011 p.14).

Many patients ask me what supplements they should be taking and while it is easy to make some educated guesses, it would be much better to know exactly what minerals were deficient and need additional supplementing and which do not.

Now determining the answer to this nutritional concern has been not only difficult but expensive.  You see, using serum levels in the blood is really not accurate.  Testing red blood cells or white blood cells improves things a bit but with that comes extra cost.  What is lacking is knowing one’s actual tissue level of our minerals – and at a reasonable price.

Now besides concerns for our essential minerals there is another concern, perhaps even bigger – toxic/heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum and lead.  Exposure to these metals is more commonplace than most realize and far more dangerous than is appreciated.  But are you getting rid of them, eliminating them out of your body?  That is the question and a very important question because these toxic metals can be terribly disturbing and damaging to our organs and tissues leading to dysfunctional biochemistry, disordered metabolic functions and chronic disease.

In fact, most functional health practitioners believe that in nearly all chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, autoimmune illness and neurological diseases, not only are mineral deficiencies to be found but these toxic metals will be present as one of the underlying reasons for that disease.  Knowing if this is true for you is of utmost importance if you desire to stay well or to enable you to overcome whatever health concerns you may have.

So, what is the answer to this nutritional conundrum?  We need to know our mineral status, if we have sufficient levels or not.  And we need to know if toxic metals are clogging our metabolic machinery and destroying our health.  But then we also need answers that are not ridiculously expensive and give us information that is truly accurate, based on what is in our cells (tissues), not outside our cells!

I believe the answer is OligoScan.  A European developed Instrument, recently available to practitioners in the U.S.


In my desire to always find the best way to access and improve patient’s health, I am delighted to be one of the few practitioners in the U.S. to offer the OligoScan, an in-office, non-invasive (no skin puncture) instrument that determines the intra-cellular levels of 20 essential minerals/trace elements, 14 toxic/heavy metals, one’s level of oxidative stress, 7 vitamins and 15 graphics providing insight into multiple health risks.  The 3-page report also includes the zinc/copper ratio and the sodium/potassium ratio, crucial to neurological and cardiovascular health and energy production.


Developed in France, after decades of research, the OligoScan is a sophisticated test that is simple to administer.  After getting specific essential information, such as height, weight, age, and blood type, readings are taken using a spectrophotometer device at four different locations on the person’s non-dominant hand.  Your data is uploaded to the OligoScan servers where it is analyzed against a vast database.  You will see the results immediately!  How awesome is that!  With this information about your current state of health, better treatment decisions can be made for you.

OligoScan Assessment

What is spectrophotometry?
Spectrophotometry is a quantitative analytical method of measuring the absorption or the optical density of a mineral or chemical. It is based on the principle of absorption, transmission or reflection of light by the chemical or metal compounds over a specific wavelength range.
Spectrophotometry is used in many areas: chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environment, food, biology, medical/clinical, industrial and others. In the medical field, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissue.
And for those of you who just have to have a little more technical information:  Spectrophotometry determines the optical density of a substance.  Every substance emits and absorbs frequencies, and more light is absorbed with increasing density.  This allows for a quantitative analysis for each of the different minerals and toxic metals.  And interestingly enough, light reflects differently depending on blood type (O, A, B, AB), so that is why I need to know your blood type when performing this test. (No worries if you don’t know your blood type.  I use a simple, inexpensive test kit to determine that.)
In simple terms the elements present and the amount of their presence effects the light entering the cells and that determines the intensity of the electromagnetic signals picked up by the OligoScan instrument.

OligoScan AssessmentHow is the OligoScan different than tests such as blood, urine and hair analysis?
Most of these other tests measure either circulating levels of minerals or metals, such as with blood testing, or what the body is excreting, as is the case with urine and hair analysis.  OligoScan is unique in that it measures the levels of minerals and metals inside your cells.

The primary difference:  The OligoScan measures intracellularly.

Blood tests show metals which have circulated recently. Metals are dumped within a few days from the bloodstream into the tissues. Blood can therefore only be used in acute situations for toxic metals. The level of minerals and trace elements is kept fairly constant in blood. Many people with muscle cramps often have a normal magnesium level in serum; the OligoScan in this case will commonly show a magnesium deficiency.

Urinalysis shows to what extent the body can excrete metals. In a normal spontaneous urine sample, almost nothing is excreted. Only after the body is provoked will increased metal concentrations be found in the urine. This is done with a challenge test for toxic metals. This is a valuable test that shows what amount metals are present in the extracellular environment. Again, the OligoScan measures intracellularly. The challenge test and OligoScan complement each other completely in this aspect.

Hair analysis shows which metals were present during the last 2-3 months. But if a body cannot detoxify well, low amounts of metals will be found in hair. This is called false-negative results.  Hair analysis is even more questionable depending upon what treatments the hair has undergone and what agents have been applied to the hair.

OligoScan Assessment

Consider an example.   A urine test for heavy metals showed high levels of lead and slightly elevated mercury.  A chelating agent, which binds to heavy metals, was used to obtain this result. Keep in mind that different chelating agents are more selective for one or another of the specific metals. In this case, the test results showed a higher lead in the urine because of the specific chelating agent used. The OligoScan in the test above showed both these metals high in the tissues with mercury levels more elevated than the lead levels but the cadmium level even higher. The OligoScan provided a more accurate picture of what was occurring in the tissues, indicating that both mercury and cadmium were more of a problem than the lead.
Another example is seen in someone with high calcium in their hair analysis. On the OligoScan, the same patient may show a deficiency of intracellular calcium as they are not utilizing their calcium.

What to expect with your test
The actual measurement with the OligoScan is very simple.  After I enter your data, including height, weight and blood type, the instrument is gently pressed on four points on the palm of the non-dominate hand.  And really, that’s all there is to the test itself.  The sophisticated software takes over from there and determines the effect to which the light beam is affected by the presence or absence of minerals and metals.  The result is a 3-page report that you receive immediately, allowing you to implement any necessary changes right away.

The report provides you with an unpresented level of detail of your cellular health – these include important details of why you may be experiencing a reduced level of health, why you can’t seem to improve or what nutritional and toxic factors may be predisposing you in the future unless changes are made.

Why do you need this testing?

Heavy metals are highly degenerative to the body.

  • Other healthcare practitioners currently using the OligoScan report 80% to 90% of their patients show excess heavy metals with aluminum being the highest. And I have found the same.  The older the patient the greater the accumulation of toxic metals as, over time they build up when the rate of absorption is greater than the rate of removal.
  • Accumulation of these metals in the body reduces the effectiveness of medical treatments up to 60%. It is, therefore, less likely that anti-oxidants and mineral supplements will be effective if heavy metals are present.
  • We are exposed to these metals on a daily basis, so knowing how effective your body is at detoxifying them will allow you to improve that function if needed.

How often should I get an OligoScan?
OligoScans are very advantageous as not only can one tell what is going on in the body right at that time, but follow-up scans can show how one’s case is progressing.  A follow-up scan may be performed anywhere from 4-6 months after the initial scan to make sure that the treatment protocol is working.

Can children be tested on the OligoScan?
Children who are two years and older can be tested using the OligoScan.  It is an ideal way to obtain useful information, and your child will enjoy the fact that they will not be getting any needles!

OligoScan Assessment

If you’re feeling tired or run down, it could be due to mineral deficiencies or even heavy metal toxicity. But what do you do when you can’t face a battery of endless blood tests and visits to doctor’s waiting rooms?  One answer is OligoScan.  It gives me an unprecedented level of insight into your cellular health.
Having accurate and precise information on aspects such as anti-oxidants, heavy metal accumulation and mineral deficiencies is a real insight into what issues could be influencing your wellbeing. 

Everyday symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia or build-up of stress can often be better understood in the light of this data. With a true understanding of your health on a cellular level, I am much better able to recommend a treatment program with dietary changes and supplements, in order to improve your wellbeing.


The OligoScan measures mineral deficiencies due to diet and food choices, the accumulation of heavy metals in the body and levels of antioxidants in the body – all at cellular levels.  This means the test gives the most direct and immediate information possible on your health. It is significantly faster and more accurate than assessing urine or blood samples. The human body keeps the blood levels balanced for much longer than our tissues; therefore, the deficiency is first seen in the cells rather than in the blood itself. That’s why OligoScan can highlight issues that a normal blood test cannot.
And remember, the OligoScan requires no injections or blood taking; it is pain-free providing instant results which are more precise than a standard blood test.

Okay, What about Cost?

The OligoScan is a $130 test but when the test is completed with the initial or previous visit the price is reduced $30.  It is a very popular test as individuals really want answers about their nutritional status and what metal toxins they are harboring.  The company that developed the OligoScan sells me the equipment but for each test I send for analysis, I am charged an analysis fee – but that is well worth it as you will see when you take this test and have an OligoScan assessment.  Don’t be in the dark get the assessment and be certain.  Make the changes and be healthy.

Some scientific references:

The mineral intake

Toxic metals

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Lyme Disease – The Great Masquerader

Lyme Disease - The Great Masquerader

Welcome to

Burleson Nutrition and Natural Healing Center

Nutrition & Natural Healing Center

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The Great Masquerader – Lyme Disease

It was after her second son was born that Olivia (not her real name) started to notice changes in her mood, and even her family and friends noticed it as well. It was very definite “up and down emotions,” often accompanied with a low sex drive, that continued for at least 7 years before it cascaded into a series of extreme mood changes that also resulted in serious fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and a nervous breakdown.

During the next several years she visited a series of physicians and began to receive treatment for hormone dysfunction and allergies.  For a short time, this seemed to be helpful, but eventually the moodiness and fatigue returned.  

Lacking any progress, another practitioner put her on thyroid meds.  Through all these years she also had sleep issues, chronic back, joint and muscle pain, and a hoarseness in her voice for 10 years.  She could barely go to work at the business that she and her husband had started years ago.  At age 40 she was a wreck physically and emotionally and was sadly looking at a lifetime of pain and misery

It was at this point, about 17 years into this misery, that I saw her and suggested we look for chronic infections as an underlying cause of her symptoms.  It was good that we did as there were several pathogenic microbes that came back positive.  But the real kicker was a positive test for Lyme.   When I showed her that report and when she saw the symptoms of Lyme, tears flowed down her cheeks and she said, “Finally I have a reason for why I have felt so bad for so long”. 

Sadly, for Olivia, it took way too long to receive this crucial report of why she had been struggling for so long.  But it is understandable for several reasons:

  • Conventional medicine generally does not believe in chronic Lyme, only acute Lyme due to a recent tick bite.  
  • When testing is done the conventional tests are not robust enough to adequately evaluate chronic Lyme 
  • Lyme mimics so many diseases that unless one did have a recent bite of a tick, the practitioner will be looking for the diseases that mimic Lyme and not Lyme itself.  Lyme will masquerade as a variety of disease entities including,
  1. Neurological diseases – Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, ALS and more
  2. Anxiety, depression, memory loss and brain fog
  3. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  4. Most autoimmune diseases – arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and many others
  5. Chronic headaches 
  6. Food allergies/sensitivities
  7. A weakened immune system that leads to one feeling sick and unwell far too often 
  • Not just ticks, but any biting insect is now considered a possible source of Lyme transmission.  Further many children have been born with Lyme – transmitted from mother to offspring.

Now, notice these common symptoms in individuals with chronic Lyme disease in the list below.  Is it any wonder that most doctors might be confused and begin to label the patient as perhaps having an autoimmune disease at best or worse, a hypochondriac?

Common symptoms of Lyme-Borrelia  

  • Gradual onset of symptoms   
  • Joint stiffness/swelling           
  • lightheadedness        
  • migratory/shooting pains
  • Afternoon fevers/letdowns
  • Chills
  • GI upset
  • pelvic pain
  • interstitial cystitis    
  • prostatitis menstrual disorders           
  • blurring vision           
  • light sensitivity          
  • Kidney problems           
  • painful urination
  • Muscle twitches or pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • depression  
  • bouts of anger        
  • word finding problems        
  • cycles of illness         
  • immune weakness    
  • reflux/heartburn         
  • unexplained breast pain    
  • tinnitus    
  • Facial paralysis/ (Bell’s palsy)    
  • paresthesia/numbness   
  • seizures
  • tremors         
  • ataxia  
  • Loss of libido     
  • heart palpitations or arrhythmias  
  •  difficulty swallowing    
  • chronic fatigue
  • unexplained weight gain or loss         
  • facial pain        
  • headache               
  • multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Vertigo       
  • disoriented -brain fog      
  •  difficulty concentrating or thinking
  • Short-term memory loss


It should be understood that not every person with Lyme will have all of the above symptoms or even most of them.  And this is not even a complete list.  One patient with Lyme had rage as a primary symptom – just ready to “fly off the handle” at the “drop of a hat”.   But nearly every Lyme patient that I have seen has 3 primary symptoms. Which are: 


  1.   Debilitating chronic Fatigue
  2.   Significant Joint pain or stiffness that moves around
  3.   Cognitive dysfunction that often includes brain fog, anxiety or depression, and memory impairment 


Notice the difference between symptoms of those with Lyme and those without Lyme here

Lyme Disease - The Great MasqueraderSo, as you can see it would be easy for a Lyme diagnosis to be missed, causing the individual suffer for many months or years before they finally receive the correct diagnosis.  Unfortunately, some will suffer with an autoimmune diagnosis or be diagnosed with some type of neurological disease without ever discovering their true undiagnosed cause.

And Lyme is not a rare disease at all.   The CDC estimates that 3-400,000 new cases of Lyme are contracted per year, with some data suggesting that a more likely number is 1,000,000 cases per year.  And it is not found in specific regions of the country.  Every state in the US has Lyme and it is now a new epidemic!  It may likely be the most common vector-borne disease in the US…more common now than breast cancer. 

Lyme Disease - The Great Masquerader

Notice how rapidly Lyme spread in just 13 years.  And now this map is already 10 years out of date

Another problem related to testing has to do with the number of Borrelia species known to exist – at least 100 in the US and more than 300 worldwide.  But many labs only test for what is considered the most common species – Borrelia burgdorferi, hardly adequate with so many other species around.  

In addition, the Lyme organism, Borrelia, is nearly always accompanied with other co-infections which, again, are commonly missed because they are not being tested.    But some of the co-infections can cause symptoms at least as debilitating as Borrelia.

Three Forms of the Lyme Organism

There are actually 3 different forms of Lyme bacteria/spirochete.  And it is a result of these three forms that this organism becomes a “persister” bug in the human body mimicking many other diseases and being very difficult to eradicate.  These three forms are the Spirochete or spiral form (great for burrowing into tissues), the cell wall deficient form (or L form) and the cyst form.    The bacteria, when stressed with antibiotics or by the immune system, will form cysts as a protective form.  


However, the cell wall deficient form is much more difficult to treat because it will actually turn off the immune activity operating inside the cell and then go into the cell and hide as long as necessary.  The more of the co-infections and viruses one is harboring, the more ill one will generally be.

When the Lyme Borrelia and the co-infectious organisms along with other viruses enter the mitochondria of the cell, they damage the machinery that produces cellular energy.  The net effect is serious fatigue both in the body and brain. 

Chronic or persistent Lyme disease is becoming increasingly common and problematic. Among the small number of pathogens capable of persisting despite sophisticated host immune responses, the Borrelia spirochete gets special recognition because researchers still have not been able to elucidate the mechanisms that sustain its long-term survival. What we do know is that the spirochete has several remarkable abilities to adapt, which include:

  • The ability to hide within cells of certain tissues during or between stages of disease
  • The ability of Borrelia to change its morphology in response to varying environmental conditions including many antibiotics
  • Formation of a biofilm that enables Borrelia to be more resilient to stress and our immune system challenges
  • Suppression of host immune response

So, what does this mean? It means that when antibiotics are used to treat persistent infections like the Lyme organisms, we likely end up with highly persistent mutants. This is a separate phenomenon from antibiotic resistance, and it has become increasingly clear that traditional antibiotic treatments for chronic Lyme are not enough to eliminate these menacing microbes. 

But let me stress one very important point.  The best treatment for Lyme or coinfections when you have an acute disease with a recent insect bite and the symptoms are present, testing is likely to be positive and the best treatment is antibiotics.  If, however, the bite was weeks, months or years ago (or you never remember there being a tick or insect bite of any kind), the traditional use of antibiotics will likely NOT be successful.    The organisms will have already set up brilliant ways of evading the immune system and any antibiotics used.

For many practitioners when the classic symptoms are present, they are ready to jump in and attack these terrifying bugs.  But it is so unwise to go and start an attack on the bugs regardless of whether done conventionally or with alternative approaches.  The whole-body terrain must ideally be considered prior to dealing with the Lyme spirochete and the co-infections.  The body terrain along with the intestinal tract and its microbiome, the type of foods consumed, toxic chemicals entering the body and the organs of detoxification (liver, gall bladder, lymph, kidney).  

So, should you recognize in you or a family member the typical symptoms of Lyme with which you or they might be encumbered, find a practitioner to assist you in your healing journey.   True, it is not a quick treatment.  It can take several months at best, but without treatment the pain and cognitive symptoms along with the terrible fatigue will not go away.  Having had many patients suffering with this awful disease, I know this is true. 

Please call me if you have any questions.  I am more than happy to be of whatever help I can.  

Dr. Trubey

Toxic Metals – the poison everyone has

Toxic Metals - the poison everyone has

Toxic Metals – the poison everyone has

Nutrition & Natural Healing Center

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 6320 Oak Hollow Dr. Burleson, TX 76028

Call 501-538-4944

Toxic Metals… The Poison Everyone Has

Some time ago I reviewed several dozen evaluations I had done for toxic, heavy metals on my patients.  It was very disturbing!  100% had heavy metals being excreted in the urine.  But 80% had elevated levels of these elements.  The most common metal excreted in my patient group was aluminum and lead.  But I am also seeing lots of mercury and cadmium as well, some barium, arsenic, and occasionally a few others.  Some of the levels of lead have been nearly off the charts with initial excretion levels of eight, twelve and even twenty times acceptable levels.  And to me this is unacceptable if one is to have long-term good health.  There is no compatibility between seriously elevated levels of these metal poisons and a healthy body.   We have to eliminate these from bodies, but before we look at the specifics on that, we need to look at how they get inside of us in the first place.  We’ll look at the two most common – lead and mercury.

According to the EPA, lead is rarely found in source water, but enters tap water through corrosion of plumbing materials. Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures and solder. However, new homes are also at risk, because even legally “lead-free” plumbing may contain up to 8 percent lead.  It has been estimated that 20% of the city water in Washington, DC may be contaminated with lead, pushing the government to provide free water filters for residents.   In addition leaded gasoline was used for decades and much of the lead from auto exhaust still resides in the soil.  In fact lead is generally considered the most common contaminant of soils and because organic mater will bind and hold it, it is likely that lead is a permanent resident.   

Mercury sources are fairly well known.  These include dental amalgams, seafood, in utero from mother to fetus, vaccinations and then industrial and environmental sources.  Volcanic eruptions and hundreds of ocean vents produce natural sources of mercury into our environment.  Some industrial sources have declined, such as lead in gasoline, but what are we to think of the long-term impact of these “curly cue” light bulbs replacing the incandescent bulbs that are still around.  These new light bulbs, now mandated by the federal government to replace our long-used incandescent bulbs, contain mercury and mercury in its worst form – mercury vapor.  Is this not governmental schizophrenia?  And water isn’t the only item we regularly consume that may contain heavy metals – some wines and cheap supplements are also tainted with these poisons.  And every antiperspirant contains aluminum and it does get into the body.  

We must take body loads of these metal toxins like mercury and lead very seriously.   Several years ago the medical journal Circulation published a study on lead and its relation to Heart attack.  They tracked nearly 14,000 adults for 12 years.  The researchers determined that when these individuals had even mildly elevated blood levels they were at increased risk for heart disease by 55%, heart attack by 151%, and stroke by 89%.1 

Another study followed 837 men for 10 years and found that these men with increased bone (for which lead has a strong affinity) and blood levels of lead, to be at increased risk for ischemic heart disease.2

Then in 2006 Science Daily reported on a study by the University of Rochester Medical Center on individuals who are routinely exposed to lead on the job.  They found that these individuals are 50% more likely to die of brain cancer.  And not surprisingly, lead in other studies has been linked to high blood pressure, kidney failure and autism.3

One would think with these “tip of the iceberg” studies, that physicians would be evaluating a good many of their chronically ill patients for heavy metal toxicity.  But it is a very rare physician who does this testing.  Strange indeed, but In fact, it rarely even makes the news. 

But consider mercury as well.  With the growing number of studies and reports, mercury toxicity is clearly getting more alarming every year.  When 300 streams across the U.S. were recently tested, 100% of the fish were found to be contaminated with mercury.4   Mercury has been linked to several autoimmune diseases including arthritis, Lupus and Crohn’s disease.5 Like lead, mercury will accumulate in the bone, but will also find its way into the heart causing cardiovascular disease.   And because of its lipophilic (fat loving) nature, it will accumulate in the brain and the nervous system where it will produce neurological damage and functional deterioration.6,7   Understand then that any neurological disease may have a toxic metal component and more than likely will.

We remember the saying “mad as a hatter” as coming from Madcap Milliner in Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, Alice in Wonderland. But the actual origin of the saying relates to a disease peculiar to the hat making industry in the 1800s. Mercury was commonly used in the process of turning fur into felt, a process which caused this highly toxic metal, to contaminate many of the hat makers.  These symptoms included trembling (known as “hatters’ shakes”), loss of coordination, slurring speech, loosening of teeth, memory loss, depression, irritability and anxiety, what we now call the “The Mad Hatter Syndrome.” We get mercury today from different sources, like the burning of coal and leaching out of amalgam dental fillings, but the effect in some people is the same.

What are we to make of the seriousness of the data where hundreds of studies on toxic metals are now linked to a huge list of symptoms?   Almost unbelievably, it hardly draws a yawn from the medical profession and even an outright fight against amalgam removal by the dental profession!  Individuals will have to do, just what they have been doing for about the last 20 +years – becoming more proactive on their own and seeking solutions outside their physician’s office.  But to do that, they need answers, so let me suggest some of the natural resources individuals can use to remove heavy metals from their bodies.  But first, it is important to note some information from Dr. Boyd Haley, of the University of Kentucky, who has researched the damaging effects of mercury and other toxic metals for many years.  His website reports on data showing that heavy metals have a synergistic effect. In other words, there is a magnifying effect when one is polluted by both mercury and lead.  

Not long ago patient of mine was found to have elevated levels of mercury and cadmium and seriously elevated levels of lead.  She considered the need to eliminate these metals for 3 months but was concerned if it might cause some problems for her kidneys.   But waiting didn’t help; she had a major heart attack and within a week, so very sadly, passed away.

So what can we do?  First, it is a good idea to improve your health and particularly the function of your gut to better facilitate detoxification.  You may need to add some healthy fats and antioxidants and other nutrients.  Decreasing food allergens would be a great help along with digestive enzymes and the addition of friendly bacteria.  You will do yourself a great service to support your liver’s capacity to detoxify as well.  B complex vitamins, along with broccoli and other greens as well as the herb, milk thistle, will be excellent support for this most important organ for detoxification.   

Second, find a practitioner to give you a heavy metal challenge test.   A hair analysis might work, but low levels in the hair are not necessarily an accurate representation of total body load.  

So, find a practitioner to do a challenge test using any one of several chelators like DMPS, DMSA or EDTA.  Chelators are substances that bind heavy metals.  They are used in the process of chelation which is simply the process of removing toxic/heavy metals from the body by chelating agents which have a naturally strong affinity for heavy metals.   EDTA is now available as a convenient suppository or as a liposomal oral agent and is an excellent binder of these toxic metals.   And remember, blood testing for heavy metals as generally done, is a waste of money.

Third, begin clearing out your heavy metals.  The “heavy hitters” of chelation are generally considered to be EDTA, DMPS, DMSA and these are good chelators, but if these are used you will need to do so through your health care practitioner.  But if you do not have access to a practitioner using any of these, there is no need to despair.  There are lots of great foods and supplements that will act as excellent binders of noxious metals.   Here are some safe and effective modalities.  It may take a little longer in some cases, but they will cleanse your body.  If you want to really get to work on these toxic metals, I think the best recommendation is to use Liposomal oral EDTA .  It is much less expensive than doing IV chelation.  It is slightly less potent but for the difference in the price and ease of use, it is my recommendation.

Great food choices include Garlic, Cilantro, and Chlorella.  Garlic is loaded with sulfur and selenium,   both of which are great binders of metals.   Not much more than a teaspoon each day of cilantro will work exceptionally well.  Otherwise use these kitchen herbs at every available opportunity.   Chlorella is an algae and has natural properties that absorb metals.  

For supplement choices you can start with NDF (from the BioRay Company).  To generalize NDF, it is cilantro and chlorella “on steroids”.  Metal Free (by Bodyhealth) is similar, it does have more in its ingredient list but is also more expensive.  Both are superior products in their ability to purge the body of toxic metals.  

But don’t forget common “ordinary” vitamin C.  This vitamin is a precursor to glutathione, the most important intracellular antioxidant.   Actually, my choice for both of these nutrients is lyposomal vitamin C and lyposomal glutathione.  These nutrients are surrounded by phosphatidylcholine, the substance that is the structural material in every cell wall.  As a result, these nutrients are nearly 100% absorbed and will effectively improve cell function while eliminating heavy metals.  Some consider these lypospheric, oral forms to be as effective as the intravenous route.

Here are some nutrients that you can pick up at most any health food store:

  • NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine).   Cysteine is a sulfur containing amino acid and in itself is a great detoxifier but additionally, it is a necessary precursor to glutathione.
  • Modified Citrus Pectin is made from pith and rinds of citrus fruits.  Its molecular structure enables it to attract positively charged heavy metals and other toxins as well.  
  • Alginates, generally in the form of sodium alginate, from seaweed or brown algae, have a long history of use as a metal detoxifier including its use after the Chernobyl disaster.  It is especially effective in removing metals from the gut.
  • MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) has the sulfur molecule in the middle of it and as such effectively pulls out our toxic metals.

Here are a few other tips “to get the lead out”:

  • Sauna therapy will not only induce the excretion of metals through sweat but also toxic chemicals as well.  The most effective sauna to do this is an infrared sauna. 
  • Test your water for toxic metals or even excess number of metals like copper or iron which in excess is not safe.  The alternative is to get a good water filter.  An inexpensive but effective one is a carbon block filter that removes lead, chlorine and other toxic compounds.
  • It may be questionable as to how much consumed fish will contribute to the body level of mercury.   Fish is loaded with selenium which effectively binds mercury.  But it will be safest to use only wild Alaskan Salmon and other fish known to be low in, or free of mercury.  Avoid all the large ocean fish like swordfish, tuna, tilefish, etc.
  • While detoxifying be sure to use plenty of water to facilitate their removal.
  • Some of the most potent metal chelators like DMPS, DMSA and EDTA will likely not cross the blood-brain barrier.  Most of the other nutrients will.  So if you use EDTA, for instance, and you have effectively removed heavy metals from your body, you may still need to remove them from the brain and nervous system.  At this point you can use NDF or add Alpha Lipoic Acid.  These will effectively cross the blood-brain barrier.  I prefer this method personally even when symptoms suggest the brain is clearly in need of detoxification.

You should take note of two other points.  First, if you are toxic or have chronic illness already, be very cautious about the removal of these toxic metals.  You would be well advised to consult with a health care practitioner, who is well experienced in the removal of heavy metals.  Otherwise, go slow.  

Second, if you have silver-mercury fillings in your mouth, consult with a good biological dentist to have them removed.  I would strongly recommend against using just any dentist; look for one if you can, that belongs to the American Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (  It will be worth it as they need to be removed correctly.  And once again, if you are sick, toxic or have a chronic illness you probably need to improve your health first, prior to getting your amalgams removed.

If you want to achieve good health, take these steps to rid your body of these toxic, health destroying metals.  You will be very glad you did and perhaps some of your loved ones will as well. 

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Toxic Metals - the poison everyone has

This supplement is available at Fullscript:

Supplement Resources: disclosure – I do benefit financially when you place an order from Fullscript, and I appreciate it when you do, but please do not feel you are under any obligation whatsoever

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Depression? – There is Reason to be Hopeful

Depression? - There is Reason to be Hopeful

Depression?  There is Reason to be Hopeful

Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Call 501-538-4944

Anyone who has suffered with chronic depression knows all too well how terribly painful an experience it is.  A few find answers, most don’t.  Those who don’t, understand the maxim, “the death of hope leads to the hope for death.”

But is there any reason to be very hopeful?  

For more than 3 ½ decades, with the approval of Prozac, chronic depression has unquestionably been linked to inadequate levels of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine etc.), due to damaged neuron bundles in the brain that regulate and prevent depression.  But unfortunately, there are over 1100 known neurotoxins, whose damage to these neurons is cumulative over a lifetime.  

Perhaps this is why standard drug therapy for depression, including reuptake inhibitors like Prozac™, Zoloft™, etc. is not found in seniors to be any more effective than a placebo.  But hardly any more impressive is that several studies of adults have revealed a startling fact.  Reuptake inhibitors as a class of drugs provided relief of depression not much better than a placebo.  The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that the benefit of antidepressant medication compared to a placebo, in mild to moderate depression, may be on average, minimal to nonexistent.  Newsweek magazine concluded that scientists are beginning to see these drugs as expensive Tic Tacs.

Here is the painful truth:

Doctors write more than 250 million prescriptions for SSRIs like Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil every year.
When researchers looked at 38 clinical trials covering 3,000 depressed patients on these drugs, they found that 75% of mood improvement came from the drugs’ placebo effect. ( Kirsch I. “Antidepressants and the placebo effect.” Z Psychol. 2014; 222(3): 128–134.)

In a systematic review published in Molecular Psychiatry July 20, 2022:4

“The serotonin hypothesis of depression is still influential. We aimed to synthesize and evaluate evidence on whether depression is associated with lowered serotonin concentration or activity in a systematic umbrella review of the principal relevant areas of research …

17 studies were included: 12 systematic reviews and meta-analyses, 1 collaborative meta-analysis, 1 meta-analysis of large cohort studies, 1 systematic review and narrative synthesis, 1 genetic association study and 1 umbrella review …

Two meta-analyses of overlapping studies examining the serotonin metabolite, 5-HIAA, showed no association with depression … One meta-analysis of cohort studies of plasma serotonin showed no relationship with depression Dr. Joanna Moncrieff, professor of Critical and Social Psychiatry at University College London

 Dr. Moncrieff is the lead author of the serotonin paper. ‘This idea that they work by targeting the underlying biological mechanisms that produce the symptoms of mental disorders is actually not supported by evidence for any type of mental disorder, whether that’s depression or schizophrenia or whatever,’ she told Newsweek.

Instead, she argues, the drugs change ‘normal brain states’ and ‘normal mental states and processes’ in ways not that much different than recreational drugs like alcohol.”  The paper’s co-authors … call for a fundamental reassessment of how mental illness is treated. ‘We have a mistaken view of what psychiatric drugs are doing,’

Dr. Moncrieff concludes, “I think we can safely say that after a vast amount of research conducted over several decades, there is no convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities, particularly by lower levels or reduced activity of serotonin” 

So, if we are to be hopeful at all, it will not come from drugs which never increase the number of neurotransmitters, but from a more comprehensive understanding of what is actually taking place in the brain of those having to suffer the effects of this illness.

It is now well known that for nearly all doctors practicing functional medicine the underlying cause of depression is inflammation.  And this is also true for anxiety, brain fog, and all the more serious cognitive disorders, including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease among the more common disorders.

The brain is having to cope with a variety of very pro-inflammatory compounds – IL6, TH17, IL1, and individuals with depression are loaded with these and other pro-inflammatory cytokines, including TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-8, IL-18 and CRP.  When these are running wild in the brain, damaging brain cells, it is not possible to be cognitively well.  


When these damaging cytokines interfere with neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism and interrupt neuroendocrine function, the problem is not the neurotransmitters but the inflammation that disrupts their proper function, which is likely why the standard antidepressant drugs have such little benefit.


So, the hope in depression is to discover the source of the inflammation.  There are a number of culprits that would be considered underlying factors leading to depression.  Here are a number of them, but not necessarily all of them that should be considered.

  • Hypothyroid disease
  • Oral contraceptives and hormone dysfunction 
  • Blood sugar dysregulation and obesity
  • DNA/Genetic mutations
  • Chronic infections
  • A damaged and leaky gut
  • Emotional trauma
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Sleep deprivation and sedentary lifestyle 
  • Environmental factors, including – indoor mold exposure, toxic chemicals, EMF sensitivity, toxic metals
  • Multiple nutrient deficiencies from the Standard American Diet (SAD diet)

On that last bullet point Functional Psychiatrist, Dr. Jame Greenblatt has this to say:

Over the last decade, scientific research has clearly established a relationship between malnutrition and brain function across every major psychiatric illness, from depression, ADHD, and schizophrenia, to eating disorders, anxiety, and dementia. Evidence confirms clear associations between nutritional imbalances in the body, and the prevalence and severity of mental illness and symptoms. Traditional psychiatry treatment for mental illness, however, fails to recognize and address nutritional imbalances as factors in mental illness.


Of course, there is likely a number of others that could be added to the list above, but the important need is to discover the primary factors and then to correct them. In working with patients, I go into the above in more detail as we unravel the ones most likely affecting the patient I am seeing. 

And there are usually one or more assessments that I find helpful to give me a much clearer indication of the factors that are provoking inflammation in those who are dealing with this very troubling illness. These objective measurements provide valid, scientific reasons for inflammation and cognitive dysfunction that have been woefully neglected in past approaches. By recognizing and treating each person’s unique internal imbalances and biochemistry, outcomes can be dramatically improved.

 If you would like to discover the specific areas of concern that are the root drivers of your inflammation, give me a call and make an appointment so we, together, can find the path of healing that you seek so that you can really enjoy life again.

There is hope for depression; it does not have to be a lifetime of agony. 


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jer. 29:11



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VedaPulse – Discovering Organ and Systems Health by Analyzing your Beating Heart

 Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Analysis -A Marriage of Eastern and Western Medicine

Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Call 501-538-4944


Heart Rate Variability, HRV, is the variation in the time interval between one heartbeat and the next.  People will say their heart rate is 75 or 64 or 82 beats per minute.  But in fact there is, or at least should be some variation in the rhythm of the beating heart, so that when you inhale, your heart rate actually speeds up and when you exhale it slows down.  You are likely not able to sense or feel the difference but it does take place.

While one would think that a steady, unvarying heart rhythm would be something we would want to have, it is just not the case.  The heart continually oscillates between acceleration and deceleration in a tug-of-war within the autonomic nervous system, controlled by two “pacemakers” in the heart that creates the heart’s rhythms. So there should be no fixed heart rate.  In fact, it has been repeatedly shown that the more rigid and unchanging the heart rate, the more stress of some type is in our system and one is at greater risk for health problems of any type.



What Causes the Variableness of our Heart Rate?

Our thoughts, emotions, and experiences of the external world are tightly connected to the functioning of our nervous system, heart rhythm and breathing.  When in a stressful moment our heart speeds up.  When our body is under the stress of an infection it will again be at a faster rate but not necessarily have a better variability and more often than not it will have less variability.   Think of what your heart was doing on your first date, prom night, at your wedding or when going into a meeting with the IRS.  It was naturally responding to a stress.  A healthy heart responds to the demands of the organism; it doesn’t follow preordained intervals and the more flexible we are, the more capable we are of dealing with life’s inevitable stressors and the better our HRV.  This flexibility, or lack of it, is tightly correlated to our autonomic nervous system which is in turn reflected in our heart rhythm and then visualized with the test.

The Autonomic Nervous System



The autonomic nervous system is the “automatic” nervous system: that part of the nervous system that is not under conscious control. It controls the organs and systems of the body that are rhythmic, regular and automatic such as breathing, digestion, infection fighting and heart rate. There are two branches of the autonomic nervous system: sympathetic and parasympathetic. These two branches work to keep the organs they control in perfect balance.






The Sympathetic Nervous System is that part of the ANS that produces our “fight or flight” response.  In a word it is responsible for our survival.  In so doing it shuts down digestion and funnels blood and energy to our large muscles to prepare us for attack or escape – i.e. survival and self-preservation.    Chronic over-stimulation of our sympathetic nervous system will eventually lead to multiple health problems and low variability of the heart rate.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System is often referred to as the “rest and digest” part of the ANS.  This part of the ANS decreases the heart rate, improves digestive function and generally allows for repair of our tissues and organs.  When the sympathetic system dominates, repair is difficult and our organs and systems go into disrepair at a much faster rate.

Thus we can see that a greater variability (or good HRV) correlates with better health, a healthy autonomic nervous system, an inherent self-regulatory capacity, along with adaptability and resilience.   And in particular we have a healthy balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.  A decreased HRV is an early, accurate indicator that the autonomic nervous system is out of balance. The lower the HRV (the lower the variability), the greater the imbalance in autonomic control and the greater the likelihood of poor health, both now and in the future.  Therein lays the beauty of HRV:  It offers a glimpse into the autonomic system, an aspect of our physiology normally shrouded in mystery.

And yes, it is possible to have too much variability or an excessively high HRV.  That is really instability and we would call that arrhythmia, which is chaotic and very detrimental to normal physiological functioning and energy utilization.

Scientifically Based

HRV was first used clinically in 1965 when researchers concluded that fetal distress was accompanied by changes in beat to beat variation in the fetal heart, well before they could see detectable changes in the heart rate.  The scientific data base is rather voluminous at this point with nearly 12,000 scientific articles published in the English language alone.  Even the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded many studies on HRV in evaluating it as a biomarker for evaluating health and one’s disease potential.

Even the American Heart Association in a study they published in 2000 found that decreased heart rate variability was associated with a higher risk of death in patients with heart disease and in the elderly and an increased risk of coronary heart disease in the general population.  But other studies have shown that the risk is not limited to just the heart.  There is increased risk for a number of other disease states just as our ANS affects every system and organ of the body. But the opposite is also true among the elderly; a high HRV is strongly associated with “healthy longevity”.

What Causes a Decreased HRV?

Not-so-optimal heart rate variability may due to multiple factors.  It can be from general factors like age, gender or weight, but it can also be from stress at home or work environments or disease states.  Even for some, environmental factors, like mold exposure, the weather, Wi-Fi, or electromagnetic storms can play an unsuspecting role.  And one does not have to be stuck with a lousy HRV; it can be changed.


Besides changing or adapting better to those environmental and stress factors, improvement can also come from treating those disease conditions along with using biofeedback, meditation, learning proper breathing and just learning to relax.


More than just HRV

It is important to fully understand that while HRV is a wonderfully valuable tool in and of itself, the VedaPulse is more than just HRV.  The developer, Dr. Oleg V. Sorokin along with his team, took the HRV one step further and married the device to the ancient science of Pulse Analysis.  Pulse analysis has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Ayurvedic system of medicine, from India, for hundreds of years.


Pulse Analysis is performed by a well-trained TCM doctor or doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine.   His or her fingers are placed on the wrist(s) of the patient where they feel for the subtle signals from the patient’s pulse.  From pulse analysis, an experienced doctor can determine not only whether the patient is well or ill, but also determine the patient’s relative health situation from the perfectly-good-health to critically-ill-health spectrum, as well as the part(s) of the body and the bodily organ(s) that may be experiencing abnormalities. This is the reason that the first thing that doctors of these traditions do in examining a patient is to perform a pulse analysis.  It is likely that the first analysis developed by humans was Pulse Analysis.


In the Eastern approach to health assessment, unlike Western Medicine, there is no diagnosis made.  The individual’s constitutional type is assessed and then the underlying syndrome, connected to the distress in specific systems or organs is determined.  The VedaPulse assessment is able to define the constitutional type and from that it further determines the organs that are weak and need of support as well as organs that are mildly to highly stressed.  From that determination, specific recommendations for herbs and essential oils are made, along with specific foods to use and foods to avoid.


To make this possible, Dr. Sorokin and his team found a way to described complex concepts of pulse analysis in mathematical language.  In so doing, the VedaPulse can estimate the energy level of the 12 systems below. Red color will indicate tension (excess stress in the organ), those organs in yellow will indicate debilitation of energy (syndrome of weakness); orange colored organs reveal light tension.   Light green in the organs suggest slight debilitation and green color indicates a normal functioning organ.  The 12 organs/systems evaluated by the VedaPulse include:


With few exceptions the VedaPulse is performed on every new patient that I see and provides some extremely valuable insights on where the stresses are in the system and where we find weakness as well.


The 12 organs Evaluated by

The VedaPulse:

  1. Lungs
  2. Colon
  3. Stomach
  4. Spleen
  5. Heart
  6. Small intestine
  7. Urinary bladder
  8. Kidney
  9. Pericardium
  10. Triple heater
  11. Gall bladder
  12. Liver


In this example #3, the stomach is highly stressed while #4, the spleen and #10, the Triple Heater (endocrine organs) are very weak


We also will see a measure of the level of health, the level of our stress and our ability to adapt to the stressors in our life.  But we also like to know how fast we are aging in dealing with our life stresses.  The VedaPulse provides this information to us as well.


Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!

Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!

Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!

Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Call 501-538-4944

Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!

Nutrition exactly
for you!

Since the compilation of the Human Genome Project at the turn of the century and with the successful mapping of all 25,000 human genes, there has been an explosion of interest in knowing what secrets our genes can tell about our health disease risks.

Not only is the interest exploding in the general population but so has the research into our understanding of the role of gene-diet interactions, gene-environment interactions and even the relationship between our genes and our thoughts and beliefs. These are the bridges into epigenetics, those factors that can dramatically influence our genes.

You see, you may be stuck with a crooked nose or a physical height that makes you a bit vertically challenged, but you are not destined to have diabetes, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s disease because of what your forebearers had to live with. The science of epigenetics teaches us how we can better understand and in many ways override our genetics weaknesses. In other words, we can’t change our genes but we can change the expression of our genes. Or let me put it another way: Genes are your tendency but not necessarily your destiny. It is the epigenetic factors that we can change that will determine whether a gene that is predisposing us to a particular disease gets expressed or not.

It was the completion of the human genome that in many ways fully sounded the death knell of the belief that many of our diseases were genetic in nature and fully awakened us to the understanding that our environment and our food choices can and do alter our genetic expression – sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.
Genes are made up of DNA and the genes have only one job, to make proteins, and each gene makes one specific protein. The most common form of any gene with the normal expression of the gene is called the wild type. Gene expression occurs when gene activity leads to the production of the specific protein.

When a tiny human is being “knit together” in his/her mother’s womb, a change may take place in the normal (wild type) amino acid sequence that makes up the protein the gene is coding for. This is called a variant and it may be only a single amino acid that takes the place of another amino acid found in the wild type.


Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!


These small variations are frequently referred to as SNPs (“Snips”) and it is an abbreviation for “Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms”. I prefer the term variant (but the word mutation is also used) and it is these variants that make us individually unique and quite different from everyone else. The human DNA consists of over 3 billion nucleotide base pairs, more than 99% of which are identical in every one of us.

The nucleotide base pairs, thymine-adenine and cytosine-guanine will attach with hydrogen bonds like a zipper.  With the influence of sugar-phosphate, they cause the zipper to curl or spiral into the double helix shape of DNAGenetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!

The fraction that is not is due to these variants. These variants are not necessarily bad, they are just different and every one of us has our unique set of variations from the wild type. It is, however, something on the order of 1/10 of 1% difference in our genetic makeup that gives variation in personality, hair color, different disease tendencies, emotional constitution and so much more that provides for all the different features we see in each other. This genetic variation can also have a very big impact on one’s nutritional requirements and tendency toward disease. The relationship of foods to our genetic makeup is the subject of Nutrigenomics and research in this area is exploding.



Genetic testing assesses the presence or absence of these genetic variations. This is extremely helpful as these variants or SNPs can have a profound effect on the functioning of the genes in which they are found. This in turn affects the biological pathway in which the gene is active, affecting metabolic functions that are important for maintaining a state of good health. Knowledge of these variants offers a powerful health advantage, enabling me to prescribe lifestyle, nutritional and health information that is exquisitely more precise for each patient. The precision is due to the fact that with an understanding of your unique genetic variation I am able to provide specific recommendations that compensate for them, preventing them from becoming a health liability.

The Practicality of Genetic Testing

Let’s look at an example of how this works. 20% of the population has the APOE4 gene. This is the gene that will impact your heart disease risk, memory loss, and is one of the main genes related to Alzheimer’s disease risk. There are APOE2, 3, and 4 alleles of this gene. Having APOE2 or 3 does not guarantee you will not get Alzheimer’s any more than having the APOE4 guarantees you will. But someone with the APOE4 gene must be much more careful with avoiding those dietary and environmental factors that promote the effects of that gene. Remember genes don’t determine our health destiny, our epigenetics does.

You see, having 1 copy of the APOE4 gene (we get 2 copies of genes – one from each parent) increases one’s risk of Alzheimer’s by 30% or more, and with 2 copies the risk increases to at least 50% – 70%. So with that inherited variant one would need to be far more careful in avoiding detrimental environmental factors, eating healthfully, and supporting their body with proper supplements.

Individuals with this APOE4 gene really need healthful fish and fish oil but ironically they have limited uptake of fish oil fats from the blood into the brain. So they need to take as much as twice the amount of these oils and fish that someone without the APOE4 variant would need. And while some may get by with less exercise, those with the APOE4 variant will benefit from a regular exercise program.

In the same way, blood sugar dysregulation is devastating to those with this APOE4 variant. But with proper nutrition, it does not have to lead to this dreaded disease. All this is true preventive medicine and the earlier one starts the greater the benefit. It is for this reason that many encourage parents to have their children tested.

Many individuals searching for a greater understanding of their genetic profile have turned to 23andMe and have been rather disappointed at the avalanche of numbers and genes that provide no understanding as to their meaning, let alone what to do about them.

Taking an At-Home Test

With my at-home test, I discovered that I had a small amount of Neanderthal in my genetic ancestry (and yes my children were not surprised), that I was more likely to have blue or green eyes, and that I was not likely to be lactose intolerant. That and some other tidbits of information are interesting but not very helpful in knowing the strategies I need to ensure a healthy life. But an even bigger issue was found in a limited study completed by Ambry Genetics, a small medical lab in California, researchers discovered using at-home DNA tests to assess for risk of certain diseases or other non-phenotypic traits, such as eye color, resulted in a 40 percent false positive reading. (GENETICS in MEDICINE doi:10.1038/gim.2018.38)

What Ambry Genetics found was consumer labs test genotype DNA rather than sequencing it, and use just one method. Although this method is cheaper and quicker than clinical sequencing, it also is less effective and accurate than the clinical laboratory method of sequencing and using another test to confirm a positive variant. There does not seem to be any question about this as the leading at-home provider of genetic testing said this: “This data has undergone a general quality review; however, only a subset of markers have been individually validated for accuracy.” Source: Gizmodo, Another Reminder That Consumer DNA Tests Are Not 100% Accurate

Here is another huge issue as far as I’m concerned – your raw data is not just in your hands but likely in many other hands as well. The direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies make it clear in their terms and conditions how they use your DNA, and these firms are not bound by HIPAA regulations, which means your personal information is unregulated. And, as with all data, the more places it can be found, the more chances it can be leaked. In fact, one company admitted in 2013 the real goal of the company was not to make money selling DNA testing, but instead to collect massive amounts of data they can use without any further consent. Source: Scientific American, November 27, 2013

I encourage my patients to take the genetic test by Your Genomic Resource that uses a lab associated with Rutgers University – a far more functional, useful, practical, and safe but also highly accurate test. One can actually learn something from it. With it, you get results that are meaningful, with practical information that you can immediately put into practice. You are given specific actionable steps that allow you to correct any dysfunctional genes that can lead to disease progression. And you are likely to discover very specific reasons why you may be having the problems you are dealing with in your life. This is true Functional Genetics

This rapidly growing field of Functional Genomics provides insight as to how your DNA impacts function in your body and how genetic variants may serve as roadblocks to optimal wellness.

For example, glutathione, considered the master antioxidant, protects you from the onslaught of environmental toxicity and from toxins that are naturally created inside the body. But what if your genes do not quite code for the proper production of glutathione. All is not lost as you can intervene, but you need to know if it is necessary to do that. For some, it is critical if they want to have good health.

The test results from Your Genomic Resource is entered into a unique computer program that makes the data from your genes come alive and provides you a rich resource of information that will guide you to a better and healthier quality of life, enable you to look and feel younger even as you age.

Using the analysis from the software, I am now equipped to address your genetic imbalances and formulate a personalized nutritional protocol – personalized specifically for you. It means no guessing about what your body actually wants and needs to function properly. You become proactive rather than reactive as it relates to your health.

Here is how your DNA may directly impact your health

Functional Genomics analyzes hundreds of processes in your genetic patterns. The list below is a small sample of how your DNA may be impacting your health.

• Variants in the HLA and KIAA genes may increase the chances of gluten intolerance. The ABP1 genes that have variants may impact your ability to digest fermented foods, increase histamine levels and result in intestinal inflammation and digestive disturbances
• People with variated SULT SNPs may be more sensitive to toxins, hormones, xenobiotics, and toxic metals
• People with variated PEMT SNPs may be less able to digest and utilize fats
• Those with variated Nrf2 SNPs may be less able to make, utilize and recycle their antioxidants, critical to reducing inflammation and toxicity. No worries, however. There are specific nutrients you can take to correct this genetic disturbance. And you would want to, as Nrf2 is one of our longevity genes.
• Individuals with mutations on their HFE and SLC40A1 genes may have serious unresolved inflammation from iron being a damaging free radical, rather than an essential mineral to support health.
• Genetic impairments to produce nitric oxide can dramatically impact your cardiovascular health, neurotransmitter activity (think mood disorders), and sexual function in both sexes.

There are many more discoveries hidden in your genes that will give you wonderful insight into the steps you can take to improve or to maintain your health. The Functional Genomic Analysis report you will receive will provide you with a mountain of valuable data that commonly reveals the underlying reasons for the many frustrating complaints we experience.

Once you see and hear it explained to you, you will understand why it is so valuable in giving you answers that are literally unavailable with any other medical assessment. But remember to keep in mind that DNA results are never a diagnosis or an absolute determinant of disease. It is those variants in our genes combined with all the epigenetic factors that result in many of our health dysfunctions.

  Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!  


You can see how each of these areas interact with our genes but then notice the many triggering events that act as a primary determinant in causing the expression of our mutated or variant genes. It is the confluence of these factors that is the driving/underlying force behind our ill health and disease progression. But it does not have to remain this way. Notice the effect below as we intervene where our genetics are not favoring us and we correct the triggering factors.

Using Genetic Testing to Improve your Health

  Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health!  


Most all degenerative diseases today are initiated and sustained by inflammation. And that is not surprising when you look at the inflammation genes in those with chronic diseases. It is not unusual at all to find the “ON” genes that turn on inflammation stuck in the “on” position, pushing us toward inflammation. But the worst-case picture is to find the genes that are designed to turn off inflammation “broken” and not functioning.

When we find this unfortunate genetic variation we can use diet adjustments and supplemental nutrients to downregulate the inflammatory genes and in the same way upregulate the genes that turn off inflammation. This is the first and most important step in escaping the chronic disease trap.

It is important to note that none of us have the perfect set of genes. We all have some genes that promote health and some that set us up for impaired health if we are not careful. Many individuals take probiotics but it would be interesting to actually know if there is a great need to be taking them. The FUT2 gene codes for the production of specific sugars that are secreted by our intestinal cells and very much needed for the survivability of our friendly bacteria. Individuals with a genetic variant here fail to adequately produce them and they need to take probiotics on a daily basis.

• If you knew you had a double variant of the VDR gene that might give the reason as to why your vitamin D level is always low. Would that be of interest to you? And if you know that it would also increase your risk of osteoporosis later in life, would you be more aggressive in what you should do to keep that gene from being expressed?

The Human genome contains at least 4 million “switches” that can either turn off a gene or turn it on by dietary and environmental factors (chemical, heavy metals, mold toxins, infections, etc.) and life experiences. These good and bad epigenetic influences, like a virtual “tug of war”, are constantly working for us and our health or against us, putting us at risk for illness of many types. Knowing our genetic variants and the steps needed to reduce their effects, enables the health side of this “tug of war” to have a much greater advantage than the illness side.

So who will benefit from genetic testing? Probably all will to some degree… ok perhaps not if you are already 105 years old and you are still taking daily walks. But otherwise, those who could particularly benefit would be:

• Those who are adopted and have no idea of the health history of their biological family
• Those with gastrointestinal disorders- IBS, IBD, food allergies/sensitivities, hives, reflux,
• Those challenged by stress, anxiety, depression, excessive fatigue, or sleep issues
• Families with members living with ADD/ADHD
• Those having a family history of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease
• Individuals with autoimmune disease or having parents with autoimmunity
• Those with a strong family history of cancer, stroke, heart disease or diabetes
• Individuals sensing a predisposition to obesity
• Women with female problems – fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, PMS
• Sport competitors seeking a competitive edge or budding athletes contemplating competitive sports
• Those living with pain
• Individuals using pharmaceutical drugs who wish to know the better choice of drugs for them
• Parents wanting to give appropriate health guidance to their children.
• Women contemplating pregnancy or hormone therapy or just want to stay healthy

This last category is perhaps the single best time to get this testing done. Testing and making appropriate adjustments based upon the results could make a profound difference in the health of the child lasting their entire lifetime. Epigenetic effects naturally take place in the course of life, but much of it happens in that first month in the womb. It was best stated by William Walsh, Ph.D., Chairman of the Walsh Research Institute:

Genetic Testing – A Discovery into knowing exactly why you don’t feel well and what you can do to dramatically improve your health! “The key time to make an impact is before a woman gets pregnant and during the first month – even during the next nine months. This is when these genetic variations get caused – autism and spina bifida and a predisposition for things like mental illness and heart disease. So nutrition is incredibly important. These ‘bookmarks’ are there for the rest of your life.”

Avoidance of these unhealthy epigenetic effects can only be done if we know which ones are more likely to impact our genetic expression. What you don’t know can affect you. Yes, you are uniquely you and with Your Genomic Resource testing, you can discover your genetic singularity – those factors that you can enjoy as well as those factors that you must not ignore but take charge of, to ensure a long and healthy life. It’s true that we can’t change our genes but we can change the expression of our genes. Remember, our genes tell us our tendency, not necessarily our destiny. With only a small amount of saliva to get it done, you have some amazing and very important discoveries awaiting you.


About Your Genomic Resource Test

• This is not a medical test and is therefore not covered by insurance
• This test does not cover your entire genome of 4 million genes and your ancestry, but it is large – looking into 200,000 potential SNPs for thousands of genes
• This test does not provide a diagnosis or tell you what health conditions you have. But it does give you a window into the underlying reasons for your health conditions
• The report you receive will provide you with guidance for supporting the underlying biochemistry and proper function if a predisposition to weakness is being expressed
• Your personal report will reveal the genes involved with antioxidant production, the potential production of oxidative stress, excess free radicals, possible food sensitivities, potential trouble with histamine, and much, much more.
• Based on the analysis of your test, I may recommend other tests or lab work, lifestyle, or dietary changes as well as suggestions for targeted specific nutrients to support functional weakness.
• Your personal data will never be sold, shared, or given away to anyone. At the testing lab, only your barcode is used and is not tied to your name.

Blood & Lab Test Results Explained(In Detail Personal Consultation)

Blood & Lab Test Results Explained(In Detail Personal Consultation)

Natural Health Services

(by a real live person)

Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

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Do you have any idea what your blood tests mean?  Have you even been given a copy of them or were you just told everything is OK?  In some cases I have had patients tell me they never even heard back from their care giver.

Please understand, those records, those lab tests are yours – you own them.  But it does no good if you can’t even pronounce the test names or figure out the symbols, let alone understand what they mean and how they may relate to your health.

Understanding is empowering, and everyone needs to be empowered to take responsibility for their health.  Your doctor is not responsible for health, you are.  And knowing what your blood test results mean is one the ways you take seriously that responsibility.  But don’t expect your doctor to take even 10 minutes to help you understand what is going on.  He is way too busy for that.  It takes time to review a battery of tests and he likely is not even allowed to spend the time it really takes to do it adequately.  I can and I will.  You need this information and I can help you easily decode your chemistry panel or your metabolic panel, lipid panel, complete blood count and most others as well.

How about a Hemoglobin A1c?  Do you know the significance of that test and how it relates to your blood sugar level?  What about your vitamin D level, at what level should it really be?  And then your thyroid test results, was it comprehensive enough?  Were you told it was normal but you still have symptoms that make you believe it’s not normal?  Is that frustrating or what?

If you would like to really understand what you lab tests mean to you, give me a call to arrange a phone consultation.  I will give you a full hour to review your test results and any questions that relate to them for $70.00.  I don’t diagnose – that’s not completely possible from blood tests alone – but I might suggest other tests you might want to consider to give you a fuller picture of your health status.  Don’t need a full hour!  OK I can give you a 30 minute consultation for $50.00.   You choose.

Here’s how it works.  You decide how much time you would like.  We arrange a convenient day and time in the comfort of your own home.  You send me (email or mail) a copy of your tests along with a check for the amount of time requested.  Then on the day and time of your appointment give me a call to get the answers you are looking for.

You will be satisfied with the information you receive or you can request a full refund.  For over 35 years I have reviewed lab results with hundreds of patients and nearly everyone was surprised at the amount of information their labs contained and how absolutely helpful their time spent with me was to them.  I believe you will find it the same as well.  Give me a call and let’s get started.  501-538-4944

Roger N. Trubey, DrPH, ND     

G.I. Microbial Assessment

G.I. Microbial Assessment

Natural Health Services

The G.I. Microbial
Assessment Stool Analysis
Microbiology and DNA Analysis

Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Call 501-538-4944

In the last few decades, DNA analysis has transformed the field of microbiology.   We have sorely needed better assessment techniques because more than ever before, we are now keenly aware of the health benefits or disease risks brought about by the microorganisms that inhabit the human body. You see, culture techniques, previously the standard, left up to 50% of bacterial species virtually invisible.  Anaerobic bacteria that make up a large part of the human microbiome can be opportunistic and cause illness. So our inability to cultivate these organisms left a large blind spot for clinicians when trying to diagnose the source of infection.

The G.I. Microbial Assessment panel is a comprehensive collection of microbial targets as well as immune and digestive markers. It screens for pathogenic bacteria, commensal bacteria, opportunistic pathogens, fungi, viruses, and parasites. It primarily uses multiplex, automated, DNA analysis to give integrative and functional medicine practitioners a better view into the gastrointestinal microbiome.

The G.I. Microbial Assessment measures pathogenic organisms that can cause hospital-acquired infections (HAI) such as C. difficile or norovirus, foodborne illness such as E.coli or Salmonella, and common causes of diarrhea such as Campylobacter, Shigella, and rotavirus A.  This panel measures viral causes of gastroenteritis, unavailable by other common stool tests. It measures parasites such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Entamoeba histolytica. The GI-MAP analyzes Helicobacter pylori and its virulence factors. It can detect opportunistic pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Yersinia enterocolitica, and Proteus mirabilus, associated with autoimmune molecular mimicry. It includes a panel of single-celled, amebic parasites such as Blastocystis hominis, Dientamoeba fragilis, and Entamoeba coli. Fungal organisms are measured by the GI-MAP such as Candida, Geotrichum, and Microsporidia, with the latter being a new addition to DNA stool analysis. Finally, the GI-MAP measures standard markers of immunity, inflammation and digestion including lactoferrin, secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA), anti-gliadin antibody, and pancreatic elastase.

Disruption of the gastrointestinal microbiome can cause:

Gastrointestinal symptoms                                              More Gastrointestinal symptoms

  • Abdominal pain                                                          Vomiting
  • Bloating                                                                     Ulcer
  • Constipation                                                               Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s disease                                                                                
  • Diarrhea                                                                     Autoimmune Conditions
  • Food poisoning                                                           Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Gastric cancer                                                            Reactive and Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gastritis                                                                     Thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s/Grave’s disease )
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux                                               Allergic Diseases
  • Irritable bowel syndrome                                              Asthma
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)                   Eczema and Hives

Neurological conditions

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimers disease

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is using a novel DNA technique to detect a comprehensive list of stool bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The method and instrument used is FDA-cleared for the detection of 15 of the most common causes of gastroenteritis- bacteria, parasites, and viruses.   This is an automated, multiplex DNA analysis method, allowing for the simultaneous measurement of multiple bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, all from a single sample.
After receiving the stool specimens, nucleic acids are extracted and purified. The samples undergo multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which amplifies many gene targets.  Amplification can generate thousands to millions of copies of a single target DNA sequence for a much easier identification.

Our Friendly Bacteria
Although they are ubiquitous, pathogenic bacteria do not cause illness in all people. This is because commensal gastrointestinal flora can protect the host from infection. When gut microflora protects the intestines from pathogens and harmful microorganisms it is called, “colonization resistance.”  Animal models show that when normal gut microflora are lacking, the host is more susceptible to GI infections with Salmonella. Similarly, after antibiotic treatment there is increased risk of pathogenic infections.  On the other hand, commensal bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium can prevent gastrointestinal infection. Colonization resistance explains why most pathogenic bacteria fail to cause disease in healthy subjects.

Commensal bacteria naturally inhabit the human gastrointestinal tract and do not cause disease. Many are beneficial; they produce enzymes, vitamins, short chain fatty acids, and other metabolic products that keep the bowels and the body functioning well. The incredibly complex interaction between human health and the gastrointestinal microbiome is the subject of multiple cutting-edge research studies. Given the metabolic, nutritional, and immune-enhancing roles of these organisms, the microbiome deserves close analysis when treating patients with chronic illness.

Not-so-Friendly Pathogenic Bacteria
Bacterial pathogens are often spread due to contamination of food and water with fecal material containing these pathogens.  And antibiotic therapy is not always recommended because antibiotic resistance can worsen the infection. Hydration, probiotics, and supportive therapies for the gut-immune system can help to remove the pathogen from the GI tract.

The presence of a pathogen does not, by itself, indicate disease.  Results from laboratory tests must be interpreted together with clinical symptoms and history by a qualified health practitioner. With increased awareness of the complexity of the GI environment, a pathogen is likely to cause disease if there are vulnerabilities in the host’s defenses. For example, imbalanced microflora, poor immune defenses, poor diet, toxic exposures, antibiotics, or chronic GI symptoms could make one person more susceptible to harm from a pathogen, while in another person they may have a fecal pathogen but is in good health. In healthy patients, treating pathogens may not be necessary. However, continuing to support a beneficial and diverse microbiota and a strong gut-immune system will further protect the host from infection.

Complete List of Target Analytes Measured on the G.I. Microbial Assessment
Bacterial pathogens:

  • Campylobacter
  • C. diff Toxin A & B
  • E. coli o157
  • Enterotoxigenic E. coli LT & ST (ETEC)
  • Shiga-like Toxin producing E. coli stx1 & stx2 (STEC)**
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Vibrio cholera
  • Yersinia enterocolitica

Viral pathogens:

  • Adenovirus
  • Norovirus GI & GII
  • Rotavirus A

Parasitic pathogens

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Entamoeba histolytica
  • Giardia

Additional targets

  • Helicobacter pylori and virulence factors, cagA and vacA
  • Enterococcus
  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifidobacter
  • Bacteroides spp.
  • Bacteroides fragilis grp
  • E. coli (total)
  • Citrobacter spp.
  • Citrobacter freundii
  • Proteus spp.
  • Proteus mirabilus
  • Proteus vulgaris
  • Pseudomonas spp.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Morganella spp.
  • Staphylococcus spp. (aureus)
  • Streptococcus spp.
  • Klebsiella spp.
  • Klebsiella pneumoneiae


  • Blastocystis hominis
  • Dientamoeba fragilis
  • Endolimax nana
  • Entamoeba coli
  • Entamoeba hartmanni
  • Chilomastix mesnelli
  • Cyclospora cayetanenensis
  • Pentatrichomonas hominis

LDT fungi/yeast:

  • Microsporidia spp. including Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Encephalitozoon intestinalis **
  • Candida albicans
  • Candida spp.
  • Geotrichum spp.
  • Trichosporon spp.

Other tests:

  • Secretory IgA (sIgA)
  • Anti-gliadin sIgA
  • Pancreatic elastase 1
  • Lactoferrin
  • Occult blood

The G.I. Microbial Assessment can be used in the detection and identification of gastrointestinal microbial nucleic acids and has been clinically validated for the detection of gastrointestinal pathogens that cause infectious colitis or gastroenteritis.   This technology has been used to identify and control pathogen outbreaks because of its rapid turn-around-time.  It measures a substantial list of opportunistic pathogens as well as a list of FDA-cleared pathogens, including novel targets such as viruses, Microsporidia, and pathogenic virulence factors. Chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, intestinal permeability, hormonal imbalance, and food sensitivities may trace their origins to imbalanced gut microbes as a root cause. Further, chronic inflammatory arthritis could have a microbial component that may warrant investigation by stool studies. This stool test offers integrative and functional medicine practitioners superior sensitivity and specificity to help resolve persistent and complex illnesses. Since the immune system, the intestinal barrier, and microbial diversity are intimately interwoven, thorough understanding of our gut microbiome holds promise for new approaches to treat and prevent disease.


Dr. Trubey’s patients with digestive conditions routinely obtain relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic gastritis, and chronic diarrhea. Call for an appointment – 501-538-4944.


Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

Natural Health Services

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment


Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

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Cholesterol testing has historically been used as the standard indicator for cardiovascular disease classified as HDL (good) or LDL (bad). However, it is actually the lipoprotein particles that carry the cholesterol throughout the body, not necessarily the cholesterol within them, that are responsible for key steps in plaque production and the resulting development of cardiovascular disease.

You see, cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance and as such, does not mix well in a water-soluble medium like blood.  So it must be carried through the blood in these lipoprotein particles.  And your cardiovascular risk increases with a higher number of Low density lipoprotein (LDL) particles, regardless of how much cholesterol each of the lipoprotein particles contain.  This is why data from the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute have shown that approximately one-half of all heart attack victims have “normal” cholesterol.  Some data suggest that it could be as high as 75% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol.If you look at the people of France, they have one of the highest average cholesterol levels (about 250) in Europe.  But they also have one of the lowest incidence of heart disease.   A ten-year study of the people on the Greek island of Crete failed to register a single heart attack despite an average cholesterol well over 200.  Numbers like these would prompt doctors all over the US to put these individuals on a statin drug.Some of this newer information coming in during the last five years or so has forced medicine to turn away from an obsession with the cholesterol perspective and toward the understanding that it is the inflammation of arterial tissue that leads to heart disease and most strokes.   Cholesterol plays a role, but in no way a leading role. You find cholesterol at the scene of arterial inflammation and destruction, to be sure; it is a participant in the crime, so to speak, but not the perpetrator.   LDL Cholesterol is often called the bad cholesterol, yet it plays a very important and necessary role in the body.  Without cholesterol itself you would die and in fact, people with the lowest cholesterol as they age, are at the highest risk of death.

But let’s go back to that so-called bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol.  LDL cholesterol is only bad if it is oxidized.  And there are literally hundreds of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, infectious organisms and the like that will initiate an oxidation response and cause LDL to oxidize and become part of the plaque and atherosclerotic process.  So what would protect the LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized in the first place?  Antioxidants!  Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Co-enzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and the like!  So is the “bad guy” here the cholesterol or the oxidizing chemicals and the lack of adequate antioxidants?

Measuring the lipoprotein subgroups is the only way to evaluate these new risk factors, which is crucial for the accurate assessment of one’s cardiovascular disease risk, and that is according to the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP).  So what are these new emerging risk factors NCEP has identified?

  •  Small, dense LDLparticles: these atherogenic particles are easily oxidized and penetrate the arterial endothelium to form plaque
  •  Lp(a) particles: this small, dense LDL particle is involved in thrombosis and promotes the rupture of plaque.
  •  RLP (Remnant Lipoprotein) particles: is very atherogenic, has a similar composition and density of plaque, is believed to be a building block of plaque and does not need to be oxidized like other LDL particles
  •  HDL2b particles: positively correlates with heart health because it is an indicator of how well excess lipids are removed

Other critical measurements to better evaluate your risk include:

  •  C-Reactive Protein-ss – an inflammation marker
  •  Homocysteine  – an amino acid linked to higher risk of coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular disease
  •  Fasting insulin level – a high fasting insulin is a sign of insulin resistance and the start of type II diabetes or metabolic syndrome

Why is it important to know lipoprotein numbers?  Because cardiovascular disease risk increases with a higher LDL particle count! With a higher non-HDL lipoprotein count the probability of particle penetration of the arterial wall rises, regardless of the total amount of cholesterol contained in each particle. On average, the typical particle contains 50 percent cholesterol.

Now here is what is troubling.  More than 20 percent of the population has cholesterol-depleted LDL, a condition in which a patient’s cholesterol may be “normal” but their lipoprotein particle number, and hence their actual risk, could be much higher than expected. This is especially common in persons whose triglycerides are high or HDL is low. In the population with a cholesterol-depleted LDL, there can be up to a 40 percent error in risk assessment.  Notice who has the real risk in the picture below and realize that your risk increases with an increasing number of small particles as well as the total number of particles.Description: The size/density and number particles determines your risk


Here are some thought provoking findings from Mark Hyman, MD to ponder before considering the use of statin drugs.   You can read the entire article, Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause of Heart at:

• If you lower bad cholesterol (LDL) but have a low HDL (good cholesterol) there is no benefit to statins. (i)• If you lower bad cholesterol (LDL) but don’t reduce inflammation (marked by a test called C-reactive protein), there is no benefit to statins. (ii)• If you are a healthy woman with high cholesterol, there is no proof that taking statins reduces your risk of heart attack or death. (iii)• If you are a man or a woman over 69 years old with high cholesterol, there is no proof that taking statins reduces your risk of heart attack or death. (iv)• Aggressive cholesterol treatment with two medications (Zocor and Zetia) lowered cholesterol much more than one drug alone, but led to more plaque build up in the arties and no fewer heart attacks. (v)• 75% of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol
• Older patients with lower cholesterol have higher risks of death than those with higher cholesterol. (vi)• Countries with higher average cholesterol than Americans such as the Swiss or Spanish have less heart disease.• Recent evidence suggests that it is more likely statins ability to lower inflammation that accounts for any of its benefits, not their ability to lower cholesterol.

So for whom do the statin drugs work for anyway? They work for people who have already had heart attacks to prevent more heart attacks or death. And they work slightly for middle-aged men who have many risk factors for heart disease like high blood pressure, obesity, or diabetes.  Sadly, statins were not enough to save the life of NBC News anchor Tim Russert.  Perhaps if he had known all the risk factors things might have turned out different for him.

Know your risk by knowing the full information.  Get a Lipoprotein Particle Profile™ and let’s evaluate your true risk and what lifestyle changes you can make along with diet and supplement support to improve your odds against heart attack.  You will be glad you did.


Metatron Assesment and THERAPY

Metatron Assesment and THERAPY
Metatron Assesment and THERAPY

Arkansas Nutrition and Natural Healing

Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine 362 Unger Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Call 501-538-4944

A Brief Introduction

A Rapid Assessment of the Body’s Organ/Gland,
 Tissue and Interference Fields for a Rapid
Return to Optimal Health Status


What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate?  What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years?  Today many physicians and practitioners of the healing arts believe the secret of regeneration and healing lies not with costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments but by tapping into and feeding the healing energy found in every person.

More than ever, it is now possible to release the body’s inherently powerful, biological healing energy that is capable of rapid renewal and regeneration in our bodies.   The Metatron is a powerful tool that we use to define and eliminate stressors that have deactivated the body’s own potent, internal healing systems for rejuvenation, endurance, vitality and longevity.  Modern medical therapies frequently underestimate the body’s magnificent internal intelligence and often end up blocking its capabilities for self-healing and repair.

Often the reason for this is that medical practice and medical research today is essentially focused on biochemistry and pharmaceutical drugs that affect our biochemistry, while the “physics” of the disease is mostly ignored.  It is not that we should ignore biochemistry; just recognize its limitations and its actual subservience to the physics of the cell.

Science, but especially medicine, has
essentially restricted itself to facts that can be counted, measured or weighed via standard, acceptable ways.  This is useful and needs to be done but cellular physics teaches us that healing takes place on an energetic and informational plane that enables the material or biochemical change.

In the 1920s the Russian born engineer, George Lakhovsky, postulated that the “twisted filaments” in the cells, which we now know as DNA, are in fact miniature, oscillating circuits.  He observed that all living beings are uniquely characterized by the frequencies of radiation they emit.  Further, he found that our cells could either receive or transmit specific frequencies.  Recently, the work of noted German biophysicist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, found that each of our cells has a very unique crystal-like membrane structure that will resonate to different light energies or frequencies. This semi-crystalline outer membrane structure of our cells means that every one of our trillion plus cells has an ideal resonant frequency (like the crystal glass that rings it own special note when stuck) producing a biofield that is unique to the different organ systems of each person’s body and enables the Metatron to precisely identify the hierarchy of what is taking place in your body.  So it should be understood then, that a healthy cell radiates coherent light, while an unhealthy cell radiates chaotic light frequencies and is a carrier of the identity of the problems affecting that cell.
The Metatron and its software is a sophisticated biofeedback instrument that quickly unveils the core issues in organ and gland deficiency, unresponsiveness of the immune system and toxic contaminates that distort and disturb our biofield.  When this biofield becomes disturbed, the ability of our cells to communicate is compromised and disease is inevitable.

Think about this for a moment.  From the point of view of physics all disease is caused by pathological frequencies in our body coupled with inadequate nutritional biophotons (light energy) necessary to give order to the chaotic patterns found in disease.  Keep in mind that every inoculation, perfume, hand lotion, food – in fact every breath we take, will change our frequency spectrum, for better or worse.  If worse, they are toxins that emit light-scrambling frequencies, producing disorder within the DNA signaling system as well as generating oxidative stress, thus consuming precious antioxidants.

According to Dr. Popp, individuals with serious illness lack biophotons and are chaotic emission producers.  Thus the foods and supplements we eat will either enhance and intensify or deplete and confuse our biophotonic healing energies.  So not only do we do well to pay close attention to what we eat but everything we apply to our skin – it does become a part of us.  Just consider that the average individual is a carrier of 500 different chemicals, insecticides and heavy metals.  The result is that sickness is the manifestation of a pattern of disharmonic resonance from multiple sources that disrupt the body’s delicate but very complicated and intertwined communication network. (See Table 1)

Some time ago Biologist, Enza Ciccob stated:  “Everyday we measure the frequencies, the oscillations that enliven living organisms.  Every atom, every molecule, every substance has its own oscillation that corresponds to that of a sound or color.  These sounds, colors and vibrations together determine the harmony of health or the disharmony of an illness.”  The disharmonious frequencies of the toxic metals, cadmium, mercury, lead, beryllium and antimony are suggested to be involved in at least 50% of the deaths and much of the disabling diseases in the US. (Schroeder, The Poisons Around Us, Keats)


We use the Metatron for two reasons.  The first is to determine what support the body and its specific organs and tissues wants and needs for its own healing, repair and rejuvenating purposes.  And secondly, we want to determine what is interfering with that process.  In other words we want to know if any toxins, chronic infections or interference fields exist and what specifically the body requires to help release them as a blocking agent or interference field.

The Metatron makes use of the very sophisticated biofeedback communication system of our body and provides an accurate tool for assessing the individualized pattern of functional disorders, thereby helping the practitioner identify and eliminate the hidden inducers and promoters of illness.

If a tissue or organ is healthy, the level of noise or incoherence in the system is close to zero.  On the computer screen this shows up in a very close relationship between the input signal and the output signal.  However if that organ is not healthy, a serious gap will be observed between these same signals.  This is called signal dissociation and the greater the dissociation, the greater the level of noise or incoherence in the tissue and the greater the likely dysfunction of that organ.

But when the correct living nutrition, enhanced with bio photons, is applied to the bio field of the body or when the appropriate frequencies of Meta-therapy from the Metatron are supplied, the body uses this support to move the functional status of the organs to an optimal and healthy state.
The effect here is similar to one note on a piano played in harmonic resonance with another note – good music results.  Likewise, the kidney (or any organ/tissue) has a specific frequency.  When herbal or nutrient frequencies match it correctly or when a frequency from the Metatron matches it, resonance takes place.  If resonance does not take place then there will be a compromise in its supportive capacity.  Thus a good or successful remedy or therapy is one in which the modality goes into resonance with your own oscillations – either enhancing the healthy ones or diminishing the pathological ones.

In reality, the reason an herb like milk thistle is helpful for the liver is not because its nutrient supplies match those of the liver, but because its own frequencies or resonance, match those of the liver.  And we use it for the liver because it matches those of the liver better than the kidney or stomach or really any other organ.  But consider that if that same milk thistle is contaminated with pesticides or other chemicals – its resonance is now off and only partially matches the liver.

Please realize then, that two foods that look similar or two herbal/nutritional supplements that have similar ingredients may have an entirely different resonance pattern and not have the same effect at all on an individual.    Remember physics trumps chemistry because it drives the biochemistry of the body and here in a practical way is a good example.  Studies by Dr. Fritz Popp and Bernard Ruth, found that photon counts (those life-giving emissions from the sun) from tomatoes, showed decreasing photon emission the longer they were stored.  In addition, photons given off by eggs from captive hens were lower than from eggs obtained from free-range chickens.  And vegetables contaminated with heavy metals also showed a decreased photon emission compared to those not contaminated.
You can see why then that Dr. Paul Yanick writes:  “Biochemistry alone does not hold all the answers to piecing together the puzzle of chronic and multifaceted illness.  The cells that compose our organ structures are nourished not only by oxygen, glucose and other nutrients but also by streams of energy containing specific resonant frequencies that cause enzymes to function and give life to the organism.”  The troubling fact is that the more adulterated our food and supplements, the greater the effect on the resonant frequency of the cells and the less able to adequately nourish the body and make it “sing”.

Toxins are commonly thought to act by slowly but relentlessly sedating an organ or tissue, apparently by producing chaotic frequencies.  This “background noise” impairs normal cell coherence.  And when cell coherence is impaired, light energy or biophotons from the DNA, necessary for cellular communication and healing is significantly compromised.  This results in an ever-escalating demand for more nutrition, but unfortunately, an ever-diminishing, beneficial return for the nutrients provided.

Try to understand how it might affect us this way.  Imagine your body when healthy as an orchestra performing a beautiful symphony.  We could think of the liver as, say, the violins; or the intestine we might call the percussion.  The lungs could be the wind instruments; perhaps the brain is the conductor and the heart and kidneys some other instrument.  So you have the picture.  When all our instruments are playing correctly and cooperatively, beautiful music (or good health) takes place. But if the bass section or the strings are missing notes or playing wrong notes, we don’t hear quality music.  In the same way, when the large intestine or the stomach or any organ is upset or dysfunctional, we hear dissonance in this body orchestra.  This dissonance is somewhere between lessened health to disease. Either way the “conductor” is not as happy as he’d like to be.

Now try to imagine the New York
Philharmonic performing a masterful performance, but while doing so, some child is playing “chopsticks” on the stage piano.  This would be our equivalent of an interference field or toxin.  And for most of us the body orchestra keeps playing but we don’t enjoy the music (our health).

What coordinates our body orchestra and indeed all our body processes, are biophotons.  But when the connective tissues and vital organs lack adequate water or get loaded with toxins, especially in the face of nutrient deprivation, adequate availability and proper flow of photon emission is impaired.  This results in incorrect information transmission and effects the immune, endocrine, circulatory and in reality every system of the body, promoting dysfunction and disease.

So in reality we are human photocells and our ultimate nutrient is sunlight.  This is where the stored light energy in food becomes absolutely critical.  Naturally grown, organic fresh vegetables and fruits ripened on the tree and vine by the sun are super-saturated in light energy.  Through the miracle of photosynthesis, the sun’s light frequencies or photons are bio-transformed and stored in green plants, trees, grasses and medicinal herbs.  When consumed they release nutrients and multiple light (bio-photon) frequencies into our bodies.  The stored sun energy, or photons, in these types of foods, finds their way into your body cells and ultimately into the DNA. And like miniature tuning forks they give order and coordination to all body processes.

It becomes rather obvious then, that the quality of food is a critical factor in determining our health… the more photon–rich a food, the better its quality.  Most Americans today consume food almost devoid of this healing, light energy.  This is perhaps why Nobel Prize Laureate, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi once said, “We live by a small trickle of light energy from the sun.”

Not surprisingly then, the greater your store
of light energy from these foods and nutrients, the better overall biofield exists and consequently the more energy is available for healing and health maintenance.  This manifests itself as a feeling of vitality and well-being.  But as noted earlier, even when consuming very high quality food, the more we apply cooking, microwaving or irradiation to the food, the less photons they are able to provide to our bodies.

Scientific discovery has determined that the vast majority of nutritional supplements available today do not contain photon energy.  Most are synthetically derived nutrients and in nearly every case contain stress-inducing toxins found as excipients and fillers in the capsules or tablets.  Synthetic supplements may have the chemistry correct but not the physics.  They may seem to do the job in the “short run” and even induce energy improvement.  But over time Dr. Popp has determined that they will actually deplete our own quantum (light) energy and result in DNA deterioration and body ageing. This makes sense, since they are not adding to the store of light energy, but must make use of the ones we have to accomplish their job.

When you use these highly resonant foods and nutriceutical agents they are able to empower the awesome healing power of your body – allowing it to become the self-healing, self-regenerating system it was originally designed to be.

When you are given a Metatron evaluation, we are really assessing the functional aspects of energy and information in your biofield – which can change more rapidly than the material, such as damaged tissue.  The result is that the body’s specific needs in the healing process will change and re-evaluation will be necessary to keep up with the changing demands of the body.  And do keep in mind that because of the unique factors involved in the causation of ill health, different individuals with the same or similar symptoms may have dissimilar initiators of their problems and require very different biological, nutritional and resonate support.

Traditional medicine and much of alternative medicine and nutrition uses clinical trials and epidemiological data to determine drug or nutrient recommendations.  This has its place for general recommendations, but when it comes to specific individuals we are all too well aware that 100,000 individuals die each year from appropriately prescribed drugs.  And many have found their nutritional supplements that helped their friend, of little help to them…how much better to be very specific about what each individual body wants and needs with the help of the Metatron.

Because each person is unique and has his or her own particular imbalances, it becomes impossible to have a single clinical protocol that effectively addresses the unique needs of all patients.  And many of the general recommendations given are far too simplistic, very often failing to address the toxic load and the troubling interference fields of the individual.  Instead, the Metatron uses a unique, multi-leveled assessment technique that unmasks the core issues in organ/gland deficiency and immune system unresponsiveness.  It provides proven, therapeutic answers that facilitates the body’s complete healing at the root cause of the illness, including the energy patterns of xenobiotics, xenoestrogens, mycotoxins, toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

The Metatron captures the bioelectric activity of the brain neurocytes and then amplifies and decodes those signals to retrieve the information they provide.  This information is displayed on the computer screen over a virtual model of the organ or tissue being evaluated.

This display is highly valuable in that it presents the organ’s health in a color-coded format, varying from light yellow (healthier) through orange to red and purple and almost black, where organ stress is maximal and the health of the organ is highly suspect

The software of the Metatron is programmed with a considerable amount of information on highly stressful disturbances affecting your body, disturbance that some would call pathologic.  When these disturbances are matched against the oscillations from the organs and cells of the individual being tested, a wealth of information is available that can suggest what those unhealthy disturbances might cause if not corrected.

When tissues and cells produce chaotic frequencies, you can be sure that the biochemistry of the organs involved will be impaired.  So, at the most fundamental level, healing must restore coherence to the body’s resonant frequencies.  If this does not take place, health improvement is minimal at best or does not occur at all.

All individuals harbor toxins of all types, some in very excessive amounts, including, viruses, fungi, toxic metals, chemicals and parasites.  When a corrective program is put in place, the body is focused to begin the process of unburdening itself from these stressors that prevent optimal health.   Your body always wants to heal and in principle your body can heal anything.  But guided support from the Metatron, along with a proper food and supplement selection, adequate rest and appropriate exercise, can be a major step toward a healthier you.

But here it is very important to understand that the Metatron itself does not heal anything.  However, it does nurture your body toward its own innate self-healing capacity.  So when the Meta-therapy is used, specific frequencies are added to help the body speed up the process, but it is still your own body that produces any healing effect. As your body becomes focused on the problem stressors, it will effect their excretion out of the body.  But usually our health issues are in energetic layers that require additional promptings of the Meta-therapy on a subsequent visit.

All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain. We are using special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it (which are tuned to the same frequency).  Furthermore, we use special software in order to obtain the data, to decode it and to display on the screen in the form of three-dimensional
models of organs, tissues and cells. We use a special marker system to highlight their actual conditions -normal or abnormal (in total we have 6 evaluation criteria).

This method of assessment is reliable, reproducible, clinically effective and scientifically valid, as it is based on the scientific principles of known facts of human physiology, quantum cellular physics and human bio resonance.  Enjoy your visit and prepare to be amazed…


Table 1

Whole Body Toxic Bioaccumulation

Dioxin (OCDD)
Dioxin (HxCDD)
% Observed
Examples of Sources
Disposable cups, paper plates, carpet
Gasoline, KY jelly, solvent-extracted
bleached paper- toilet paper, paper
products, auto exhaust, herbicides, fish
Herbicides in food, wood treatments

Studies from National Human Adipose Tissue Survey – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-1986

Metatron Assesment and THERAPY

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